Report #72: Part 6–Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower & Ramola D: Corruption, Criminality, & Cover-Ups in FBI, CIA

In this continuation of our earlier conversation on the practices of extreme and abusive retaliation against whistleblowers practiced by the FBI and CIA, as experienced in particular by CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee involving the “Black Propaganda” methods of character assassination, slander, defamation, and libel, Barbara expands further on these subjects.

Calling on her own experience of retaliation as well as Geral Sosbee’s in being so hounded and persecuted by the FBI and CIA over the years as to be prevented from finding a place to rent or living a normal life free of stalking, harassment, financial takedown, blacklisting, and poverty, Barbara Hartwell also mentions the cases of Jeffrey Sterling, still in prison after two years, and Kevin Shipp, whose home and family were targeted.

Bringing the situation to the present day, we discuss the identical targeting now being meted out to hundreds of thousands of (outstanding, high-IQ, high-integrity, highly accomplished, morally upright, conscientious, patriotic, critically-thinking, absolutely innocent) American citizens who have been placed not merely wrongfully but criminally by the FBI and local fusion centers on watchlists and terrorist lists, named glibly by the corrupt FBI as terrorists, extremists, potential terrorists, and other such Patriot Act confections, character-defamed in fabricated diagnoses as mentally unstable to their neighbors and communities, ostracized, surveilled, and then trafficked into military Electromagnetic weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation contracts, under which they are now all reporting physical torture and extreme bodily, psychological, and daily-life abuse—all for being awakened people who care enough about their country and community to speak out and take action against corruption or environmental damage or animal cruelty.

What this points to clearly is a complete failure of government and a complete failure of American communities both, where people have forgotten their innate rights or just hand them over freely to the corrupt State who comes knocking on their doors to “inform” them or “question” them and then co-opt them regarding their neighbor, who has been, Nazi-style, “put under investigation” for any number of fabricated reasons and always for an indefinite number of years. We have rights, notes Barbara, that are God-given and inherent, that should not be handed off when the FBI comes knocking.

She also notes the methodology being followed today is classic counterintelligence protocol, yet it is not legitimate counterintelligence, since the people being COINTELPRO’d are ordinary citizens with no links to espionage or terrorism. Further, she notes that those Americans who refuse to exercise their rights but cower in fear when the JTTF or FBI or other members of the bullying Police State approach with their slather of lies about a neighbor, and willingly comply with the surveilling and harassment instructions they are given, are indoctrinated to view the FBI as morally upright defenders of the Constitution when the opposite is true; these agencies (FBI, CIA) have currently become “lapdogs” to the Clintons and globalists who care nothing for the USA but seek centralized power through a One-World government. “The Government currently is essentially comprised of criminals.”

As always, Barbara illustrates the methodologies of containment, slander, persecution, and desperation practiced by the FBI and CIA with vivid stories from her own experience of being pursued and harassed by cut-outs and agents such as Tim White who harassed others including Geral Sosbee, and Don Stacey, and from her analyses of others’ experiences, including Constitutionalist Rick Stanley.

As on her website, Barbara notes the importance of naming the names of the persecutors; we are in a war, she says, and we are fighting for our lives. Whistleblowers and targets know this. The path forward to justice is exposure, naming names, recovering your rights, and speaking out to combat the criminality. Please support these ongoing conversations which bring alive in the current day the very important voice of a CIA woman whistleblower whose testimonial and insights are vital to the understanding of the Deeply Lawless State.

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Ramola D Reports 7.2K subscribers (We experienced exceptional cyber hacking and freezing but persisted.) Empowering and informative conversation with Dr. Tomo Shibata, whose doctorate is in the Sociology of Law, on the subject of her bill proposal prohibiting and criminalizing organized torture via organized stalking and electronic weapon attacks, which was recently introduced to California State Legislature members and reported nationally at The Everyday Concerned Citizen, Medium, and Collective Evolution among other sites. (//…) Efforts to find a sponsor for the bill have currently stalled, Dr. Shibata reports, after attorneys from the Assembly Public Safety Committee reviewed the proposal and a variety of objections were presented, which are posted on Dr. Shibata’s Gofundme page for the bill under Update 16, although in Dr. Shibata’s estimation, lobbying and infiltration by special interests appear to be behind these obstructions. Gofundme page: // We discuss the current situation and standing of this effort, the general process of introducing a bill proposal and the kinds of reviews it goes through, as well as the specific process that this bill proposal was put through, after the Office of Legislative Counsel made changes to the bill text after Assembly member Dr. Shirley Weber sent it to them. The general process of a bill of this nature, given that it calls for revisions to the State Penal Code is that it is reviewed by the Public Safety Committee as well as Fiscal Committee members of the state legislature. We also discuss the reasons given by attorneys of the Public Safety Committee which have caused this process to stall, such as that legislation already exists addressing torure, that prisons are already overloaded with criminals, and so on. An added aspect we discuss is that police officer associations act as lobbying groups to Public Safety, which in itself is highly questionable given that police are supposed to engage in Law Enforcement and not Lawmaking or Legislation which seeks to protect constituents. Also discussed are the part played by police in these situations of organized torture and stalking, their own involvement, wrongful 302/5150 holds they run on perfectly sane people, increased police aggression generally post-911 and the Patriot Act, qualified immunity they enjoy, discretion in enforcement they apply, their protection of the parties using non-lethal weapons on the population, the collusion of police, FBI, and fusion centers in these actions, and the DOJ/DOD MOU of 1994 permitting joint use of advanced technologies, wrongful watchlisting, naming innocent people terrorists, lack of due process, indefinite detainment, Geral Sosbee’s information on FMJs and the FISA/NSL process, and neighborhood takeover via FBI/DHS lies about watchlistees. The question of domestic violence, VAWA, and protections afforded by this legislation both to people and the police post the recent killing in Davis of a police officer by a man reporting covert assault is aired. Dr. Shibata also addresses the issue of the mentally ill as being included in the protections of this bill and the need to revise the text to protect all reporting victims. We also discuss mind control weapons and the abilities of frequency technology to affect brains and emotions, as well as US-Soviet tech transfer of “psycho-corrective” technologies—ie neurotech—reported by Defense News in 1993. (Article at Cheryl Welsh’s site Mind Justice: // Concerned viewers are encouraged to support this campaign, read and review the bill proposal, and contact Dr. Shibata with comment or leave comments on the Gofundme page if interested in doing so. This true-media channel may be supported at or via Paypal—Donate link at Please step forward to support this groundbreaking journalism intended to make our world a better place.

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