Dr. Edward Spencer Reports a DEW Attack

Ramola D Reports Dr. Ed Spencer checks in from a care center in Marin County, California to report the recent medical crisis he endured, something he attributes to a microwave or directed-energy weapon attack, speculating it could have been caused by a Tesla-technology EMF protection device he recently acquired, or a possible consequence of 5G pulsed milliwaves which may be being covertly rolled out in some cities and counties already.

Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer

Dear Colleague: I have only recently become aware of an enormous deficit in our neurology education. This is the massive amount of information on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on brain function. During the last ten years of my practice I have seen a number of patients with symptoms they attributed to remote electronic attacks, and I have been perplexed. Frequently these patients are labeled “crazy” as there is no physical evidence to support their allegations. Now, after reviewing the information available on the sites listed below, it appears that we are dealing with a vast weapons program hidden in secrecy, and that U.S. Citizens have been used as nonconsensual experimental subjects. I am a graduate of Stanford University, Yale Medical School, and Neurology Residency at The University of California, San Francisco, and practiced general neurology in Sonoma County until my retirement in 2010. Prior to my retirement I encountered several patients with symptoms consistent with electronic assault and frequently ordered imaging studies, some of which were positive for what appeared to be small implants Since retirement I have worked with the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (www.ICAACT.org) and have found that many of the patients complaining of symptoms listed in: (//mindjustice.org/symptoms.htm) have radio frequency emitting chips in their bodies, and they do not know how they got there. In some cases these chips have been localized by imaging studies and surgically removed. Without having some knowledge of such technologies, the neurologist is clearly hobbled in effectively practicing neurology, the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems exceedingly difficult, and in some cases, almost impossible. Of peculiar interest and critical importance is the study by John Mack, M.D., Harvard psychiatrist, of alleged alien abduction events, which began in 1960. The subjects of his studies reported similar experiences, such as: 1) Seeing “aliens” with large heads and completely black eyes; 2) Being forced into sexual experiences; 3) Feeling absolutely powerless; and 4) being warned about impending ecological catastrophe brought on by human activity. The human examination techniques reportedly employed by the aliens seem curiously primitive, as do their spacecraft. Interestingly, the abduction phenomena began in 1960, which correlates with the introduction of super computers. Rather than actually being abducted, one must consider that these “abductees” may have been subjected to “EEG heterodyning and other psychotronic technology.” John Mack, M.D., did not know about this technology when he wrote his books. The NSA and other alphabet agencies continue to build enormous facilities (i.e.: UT Data Center) ostensibly to mine data on all of us. In addition to data collection, I suspect these incredibly expensive facilities are for Mind Control operations.//nsa.gov1.info/utah-data-center/ With best wishes Edward Spencer M.D. Neurology, retired

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