The Hindenburg crash. Note the change from dust to pitch black night in this footage of the crash, and take note of the tail emblem of the Hindenburg-It is not the same emblem we find on any other pictures or videos of the Hindenburg. (The colors are inverted.)

The Hindenburg was named after Von Hindenburg who was President of Germany. In 1932 he appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany.

The Hindenburg crash occurred on May 6, 1937, in Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States.

Pleas note the difference in the tail emblem of the Hindenburg on the day of the crash and all other photos taken of the Dirigible.

The Hindenburg after its first landing. May 10, 1936.Wikimedia Commons
A few seconds before the disaster. May 6, 1937.Arthur Cofod/Getty Images
NBC reporters broadcasting from the wreckage site on May 7, 1937.NBC News Wire/Getty Images

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