Waking to the gentle sound
Of heavy raindrops falling
Splattering dying in fury
As they hit the Earth below
Looking out my window
Into the dawns morning light
Seeing the remnants
Of the preceding day

Puddles gathering on the ground
Meeting mating all around
Draining into streams
Streaming into rivers
Rushing towards the ocean below
Stolen by the tide
Rocking in rhythm
In the rolling waves
Long forgetting their past
Before they fell from above

Laying still on a flower
A speck of dew on a sunny day
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Swept up to the sky slowly
Finding a home in the cool air
Growing heavy under the stars above
Falling gently like a tear cried in love

Almost hissing against the dawn
Rushing to sure death
Crashing to the ground below
Misting slowly dying
I rise from my bed
Still tired from the night
It came to soon and ended to fast
Thoughts still held tight
Of sunny days gone past

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