They fell in great numbers
Wings closing behind them at they hit the Earth below
They looked godly fierce and strong
These were warriors
Of the great war

They looked upon the planet
They look upon their new home
They conquered the new land
They conquered man

They looked down on the men of the Earth
They looked upon them as cockroaches
They squished them
Then enslaved them

They now ruled this Earth
This Earth given to all men by God
This Earth taken from all men

But though they ruled
They to were enslaved
Enslaved to this Earth
For it is here that they were cast

Before they fell
After they fell
Back and forth
The waves of time and space

The years went by slowly
The fallen begat the Fallen
The fallen begat the Fallen
Time ticked on

They clenched tightly the power they had taken from man
They hid openly in full sight
The blind can not see
Nor you or me

They waited
Day passed to day
Given quickly to weeks
Weeks lost in the years
Decades then lost to the Centuries
The men of Earth had forgotten
But time had not

In the shadows of all we know right
They wait
In the light of all we know wrong
They wait

Their wait is near over
And they are strong
And they are powerful
And they are mighty
And they are knowledgeable of the ages


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