Used up
Beat down
Torn and tattered

You gave up
On anything
in life that matters

Your low down
Up high
Beat and battered

Look at you now girl
Your looking kinda shattered
Your not the person I used to know
Your not the girl I once loved so

Your out there
In here
Going no where

Your best days
Long past
Have you no fear

Your sold short
Bought cheap
Walking the dirty streets

Your no class
Nice A$$
Beggar and thief

Your give away
Easy lay
Selling yourself cheap

Your spread thin
Once again
Upon dirty sheets

Your brought up
Let down
Easy to be found

Your turned out
Taken in
You have no friends

Your wanted now
Wanted then
The places you have been

You give nothing
Take all
Love will never begin

You have none
You have won
You thought it had begun

But this is the end

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