You had love and passion
That only I knew
You gave this to another
I was now your fool
I hope you found
What you were looking for
Didn’t now you were looking
When you walked out of the door
Thought you loved me as much as ever before
When I kissed your ass goodbye
I could not have loved you more

Now you sit looking at me with your sad sad eyes
Telling me your sorry for all your deceit and lies

I sit across from you wondering who I am not
All my love for you and you know it was a lot
A lot it was but not enough
To always hold you true
A lot it was but not enough
This I was shown by you
There you sit you ask
Will I still be yours
I realize I never was
As my vision blurs
I rise up
say goodbye
I walk into the night
My love you cant have it
You did not treat it right
I sit and think of you
Many years have past
I have found my love
I know that it will last
My love for you now
Is just a memory
I hope you found yours
I heard you were looking

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