If I lived the days for you
And each night love was anew
As a flower in the sun
Such sweet beauty for everyone
Would fall still leave me dead
To live my life in spring instead

If I awoke and found you absent
And the days followed the night
As if children running swiftly
In a race against time itself
Would time gently catch up to me
If only long enough to let me see
That our love was not meant to be

If I dreamed and found you present
As the moon follows the sun
In its journey in the night
Could I capture you in a moment
Hold you forever in that time
When your love was still mine

If the nights were spent together
As a tree blown to the ground
The best life yet that it had found
Would we grow again
If so I might ask when
A new struggle to begin

If true love did not die
And to your love I never said bye
As if the past was not the present
As if the future was not where we went
Would you be someone I knew
Would you ever love me true
Knowing all that we now do     

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