Ba Ba Ba
Billie Billie Bopper
Want you bounce on over here
Were driving a Ford
Dont want to take it out of gear
You too Bush
Let Billie bounce dont let him steer
Lets not forget Bama
Hes the one thats got the beer
Puttin beat to the street
Moven hands moven feet
Bama Bama Banging
Hands on dash keep beat with feet

Not Now boys
Were not stoppin there
Kennedy did
where he messed up his hair
Were going in circles
i must be lost I swear
Back and to the right
Thanks were almost there
One two three fish
Say were stopping where
Pull the cat from that hat
Stoppin to get nixon
Richard not Pat
Just a little ride
Down memory Lane
Wheres Cheney Duck
No hes out hunting game
Id offer you some peanuts
Bag each for the ride
But Carters building houses
And all that jive
So what now boys
what you want to talk about
Lets go get some Rummy
Should loosen up your mouths
Is that a bird a plane
Yo daddy just jumped out
Room for one more Bush
Billie Bopper dont you pout
Oh that hill
Was she in did she drop out
That was a tough one
What cha talkin bout
She couldve had my vote
Would I have a piece of mine
Id stop and get the Gipper
But you know I think we’d flip her
Johnsons down south
You know Space we did run out
I guess Ill be goin
About that time cars Stolen
I know its not mine
Dont worry its in low time
Besides fear theres not much here
Were just shiften gears
As we roll
Roll on through the years

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