Take my hand
Lift you up
From where you stand
Slowly twirl you round
Gaining smile leaving frown
Pull you close to me
As I whisper in your ear
Lean in close your eyes
Please now girl have no fear
Let your body hear the sound
Turning slowly round and round
Hold on whats that music
Whats that music Whats that sound

Take my hand
Wont you look me in the eyes
Come on here now girl
Rest upon my leg your thigh
Move your body slowly
Let it twist deep in the night
Dancing baby dancing
I know your feeling right
Its not to hard to see
What your doing to me
If it feels all right
Maybe we’ll dance all night

Take my hand
I hope you’ll understand
As we now leave the floor
Not as we came before
Sweat dripping from your body
I could not ask for more
Dancing take my hand
Let me now be your man
Twirling you around
As we lay upon the ground
I pull you close to me
As we dance endlessly

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