Harris County Deputy Dhaliwal served as the Director of Homeland Security for the United Nations-affiliated nonprofit and assisted in global disaster relief missions and advocacy efforts for religious exemptions, including turbans and unshorn hair in law enforcement and the military.


SANDEEP HOOK? The below images are from a Sandy Hook School Shooting Candlelight Vigil in 2012


Links between, Sandeep Dhaliwah, Homeland Security, United Sikhs, and two Harris County Police Officers. But the best part of the PDF which is loading, is the United Sikhs link to the Charleston “neo-nazi” event where a car allegedly plowed into a crowd of people. We see this repeated scripted scenario throughout the Country. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


I might have missed this story, but after being set up by the Harris County Police, I chose to represent myself. This was questioned at my bond hearing, and I was firm in my decision. The bond was then lowered from $40,000 to 30,000 dollars. I then received notice that the court had decided to appoint “Allen Isbell,” as my court appointed attorney, my only interaction with this man was to say “YOUR FIRED”. Allen Isbell also represents the alleged murderer of Messrs Dhaliwal. I am still fighting to represent myself, and if not allowed to, after this drawn out, lengthy process, I will spend yet even more money to fight these fabricated charges.

Im going to reserve further content, as I have been set up by Harris County Police, stalked before and after they threw me in jail, (Harris County Police,) They also recently killed a couple as they raided their house with a no knock warrant with the intention of planting heroin on the scene.

We also have a harris county police officer that only received six weeks for murder. I am currently stalked in Texas City, was stalked in Harris County and in Galveston after I was able to get out of harris county jail on fraudulent charges. I have witnesses to my stalking, still no action taken.

This is part of the FEMA, FBI, Homeland security, national sheriffs association, police, citizen corps, freedom corps, Infraguard, neighborhood watch, etc program that is well documented. many CIA, FBI, NSA, whistleblowers speak out about this. This is part of the corrupt FISA courts allowing the abuse of civilian rights by these terrorist agencies. I have contacted all Senators many times, as well as police, and FBI.

We live in a society where law enforcement officers that are paid to lie on the job, and somehow their word is taken as truth in court. They are now under the control of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the Fusion Centers. These agencies can go to the corrupt FISA courts, and have any civilian watch-listed-thus taking away all constitutional protections. After the 9/11 attacks, first responders have been elevated in stature by the media to a unheard of level. How much money did the taxpayers pay for the helicopter, jet flyovers for Sandeeps funeral, this is as if a king or queen has died.

What the hell is going on here. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Does anyone else believe this crap, who planned all of this, did this guy work, or just pose for pictures all day. Who would give a damn about the harris county police allowing turbans to be worn on the job, if this guy wants to wear a turban on the job why doesn’t he get a job with the CIA’s ISIS division, or the taliban.

The Harris County Police department is one of the most criminal police departments in the Country, their record speaks for itself. There should be an independent investigation, for of course their is no agency, the FBI, NSA, FEMA, Homeland Security, that is fit to investigate anyone. These agencies when taking part in the targeted individuals program, loose all accountability under the law. Victims are unable to report the crimes committed against them for the criminals are law enforcement officials backed up by these rogue agencies. These agencies stand beside murderers, rapist, child molesters, stalkers, etc, and with the learned behaviour this has created we now live among a cesspool of corruption that the taxpayers fund.

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