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AR Mentor differs from typical AR applications in that it incorporates a virtual
personal assistant (VPA) functionality. In this case, the VPA functionality comprises a real-
time dialog and reasoning system supporting human-like interaction using spoken natural
language. The system is based on automated speech recognition, natural language
understanding, and reasoning. It is designed to recognize the user’s goals and provide
feedback to the user. The feedback and interaction occur both verbally and by engaging the
augmented reality system to display icons and text visually on the user’s viewing device.
This functionality is similar to (and a successor to) widely used “intelligent interfaces”
currently implemented on various smart devices.

Lastly, there is inherent conflict with the US Bill of Rights and subsequent laws that have
been passed such as the Wiretap laws and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)
governing the collection of information on US citizens. For the system to be truly effective, laws
will have to be changed to dissolve the legal borders between DoD and domestic intelligence
responsibilities. In order to attribute an attack against the US and trace it to the source, both
domestic and foreign sources must be accessed and fused. Civil and private information must be
linked with military databases. This causes severe conflict with the 4 th amendment to the US
Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure, and the 5 th amendment associated with
Due Process.

Anti-access/area-denial weapons like mines, ballistic
and cruise missiles, advanced air defenses, and
improvised explosive devices threaten the assured
delivery of energy across air, land, and sea.

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