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Eric Holder and the FBI’s ‘Patriot Conspiracy’ (PATCON)

Fed Informant Documents Treason in OKC Bombing

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Oklahoma City – What Really Happened?

Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics 1993, oklahoma city, oklahoma city bombing, murrah building, mcveigh, timothy mcveigh, history, terrorism, attack, truck bombing, demolition, FBI, witnesses, testimony, documentary, nwo, false flag, fertilizer, axle, rental truck, video, federal building, trial, coverup, scrubbed, supression of evidence, nwo, news, news story, execution, indonesia, gold, secret, fireman, fire department, forensic, investigation, chuck harder, cash, shadow government Oklahoma City – What Really Happened? Explore the evidence surrounding the infamous Oklahoma City bombing that the federal government refuses to look at. Timothy McVeigh evidently was guilty – but of what? And along with whom? Why were undetonated high explosives secretly removed from the building after the bombing? Why were there high explosives illegally in the building before the bombing? Eyewitnesses testify that McVeigh had other accomplices with him. Why were these individuals not pursued? Also see; The Real Meaning of the Original World Trade Center Attack


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