First Amendment audits are being carried out across the Country by activist fighting for rights that are granted in the Constitution, these rights have been trampled on by Federal and State agencies in their effort to create a total police state. First Amendment Auditors are US civilians that are willing to give up their personal security and safety in an effort to preserve the freedoms of all US civilians.

They are the next in line to be targeted by the deep state. They follow in the footsteps of activist, whistle-blowers, the common man, woman, or child that are just test subjects for the sadistic minds taking part in these programs. Unfortunately, a few of these brave US civilians have been dragged across this line of sanity, to become the victims of the insanity of the animals running the nations targeting program.

As I have been set up by the corrupt Harris County Police, and know first hand of the corruption that we are surrounded by, I have little doubt that this is the same case with the first amendment auditor of NEWS NOW HOUSTON.


I would guess that we both can be thankful that is all that happened. Recently a couple lost their lives to this corrupt police force. The Harris County Police raided their house with a no knock warrant, with the intention of planting drugs on the couple, this ended in a gun battle and the loss of two more lives. When their is no accountability for tax paid employees who are given the responsibility of carrying out duties, which involve the safety and welfare of the populace, this is the end result.

We have seen the creation of a police state, a surveillance state, yet we are not policing or surveilling the most corrupt elements of our society. It is not even a argument that our political system, our justice system, our law enforcement agencies as well as our “intelligence” agencies are either training schools or breeding grounds for corruption, for it is seen clearly at every level.

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USPS follows me back to house after taking his photo.


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After having such a nice interaction with Inspector Sisler during my Immigration Service Audit-I ran by the Federal Protective Services building-which is a Historic local building.Was getting some B Roll footage around the building when a “situation” developed. This video depicts the events that transpired… FPS Officers (excluding Off Sisler) failed to ID -turn on BodyCams-or Call Supervisor when requested. Comments/Complaints/Compliments… Supervisory Agent (IAD) David Walters 713-658-4749 Congressman over Homeland Security Committee Congressman Micheal McCaul @ 202-225-2401 Support NEWS NOW COMMUNITY by hitting the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons. Donate at use email address or //… **VIDEO IS RE-UP FROM 2016** The idea is to ensure some of Dads older stuff gets scene by newer Subscribers. As much of his older stuff gets lost in the YouTube shuffle.




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