Researchers from The Pirbright Institute have been awarded US $5.5 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish a Livestock Antibody Hub aimed at improving animal and human health globally. The ambitious programme of work will see extensive collaboration between multiple UK research organisations in order to utilise research outcomes in livestock disease and immunology to support human health as part of the ‘One Health’ agenda.

Six leading scientists from Pirbright will be involved in the project, including Professor John Hammond, Professor Venugopal Nair, Dr Simon Graham, Dr Elma Tchilian, Professor Munir Iqbal and Dr Erica Bickerton. Their combined expert knowledge will drive the study of cattle, pig and poultry antibody responses at high resolution to expand our understanding of protective immunity in species that can also be used as models for a range of human infectious diseases.


Helen Matzger leads a group that works with partners to accelerate the introduction and scaling up of vaccine and non-vaccine interventions. After joining the foundation in 2011, she became deeply engaged in delivery issues related to rotavirus, cholera, typhoid, and Ebola vaccines and spent two years seconded to the World Health Organization. She has experience working in both the non-profit and public sectors, including time with Helen Keller International, the Institute for One World Health, and the University of California, San Francisco. //www.gatesfoundation.org/What-We-Do/Global-Development/Global-Delivery-Programs/Strategy-Leadership/Helen-Matzger

Article Source //www.gatesfoundation.org/What-We-Do/Global-Development/Global-Delivery-Programs/Strategy-Leadership/Helen-Matzger

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