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Below we can see examples of the archiving of materials and data at the web archive. Thankfully this has stored a record of some of the events that led to my Deep State Targeting. Although probably under surveillance for research into the many crimes committed by intelligence agencies pre-9/11, becoming the grass roots organizer in Alaska in 2002 obviously drew attention of the criminal elements of our intelligence agencies as they set a path to remove all the information they could from the internet, social media, etc.

At the time of the raid on my house by federal and state agents, I had just posted the FEMA links to the MYFAVORITEMASON, (Actually copied their pages to my site, as I had seen the systematic removal of information in the past.) These links showed Homeland Security as well as FEMA, holding drills and exercises at the Sandy Hook School where the “alleged” “active shooting” occurred. I had also linked the first responders, BillHalstead to FEMA. His daughter was also a first responder and arrived at the scene. His ex wife, worked in the Sandu Hook School.

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