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Dear Keith: Why do I find so many grammatical errors on your website?

I rarely take the time one should to proofread the content posted on this website, which has resulted in this problem.

Dear Keith: Do conspiracy theorists fit the definition of delusional disorder?

No more then Newton should be thought of as delusional for his belief in the theory of gravity, or Einstein for his belief in the theory of relativity. It is true that many of these individuals have put forward theories that are not yet proven, yet to believe they are delusional might imply that you could go jump off a cliff and fall harmlessly to the ground below.

In the society that is being created in the USA, thinking for oneself is now dangerous, information needs to be controlled by the state for we do not have the intellect to process differing opinions ourselves. It is apparent that even if one were to view conspiracy theorist as delusional, this would quickly fall to the bottom of the list of the mental challenges we now face.

Dear Keith: Is there a shadow government in America? Are the run-of-the-mill politicians just puppets mastered by the secret deep state? So, Is democracy just a facade and the U.S. is actually a de facto autocracy?

Yes there is, this is the CIA, there is a reason they are called spooks.

Dear Keith: Do you blame Donald Trump for the growth of covid in the US?

That is like blaming Trump for cancer deaths, seems people have forgotten to take responsibility for their own actions. If you believe mask will protect you wear them, if you believe mask pose a health risk don’t wear them. If you fear your mask does not offer you enough protection, purchase a bio hazard suit, they only cost $230.00, the difference in price little if you choose to wear your mask as recommended. Wearing the same mask repeatedly will cause additional health risk.

Should parents censor the internet?

Of course, children should have never been subjected to the information and adult content found on the internet. It would have made sense to create two internet interfaces, one just for children that is structured more as a learning tool offering education on all subjects in a creative way that would consume our children in learning the same way we have seen their attention directed instead towards online games and social media sites.

Dear Keith: Why do so many people believe that the election was stolen? Why do they present so many debunked conspiracy theories?

Anytime we see the term debunked used it is wise to question the topic it is used to discredit. There are few that take the time to “debunk” the views of others. This process takes time and is largely undertaken by paid disinformation agents that constantly troll social media sites, posting information that is often highly questionable.

Election results that show more votes received then registered voters in the precincts reporting raises questions. Neither Trump nor Biden has the popular support to receive the record voter turnout that was seen in the 2020 election. The dominion voting machines did have technological issues, just as the Diaebold election machines had many flaws decades ago.

Just putting up a website stating a topic has been “debunked,” accomplishes little except for those that refuse to research facts which are readily available.

Dear Keith: How can the United States continue to exist with half of its residents living in an alternative reality and refuses to accept the mainstream media is accurate and listens to alternate media instead?

Why would anyone accept what is reported on mainstream media as a fact? Many of these reports have consistently been proven false throughout history, civilians in the US are not this ignorant and the foolish. Disinfo is posted on social media sites to try to influence opinions.

Dear Keith: Does the FBI hire felons?

They employed 15000 criminal informants that committed an average of 15 crimes daily in 2011, that number has only grown. 15000 x 15 = 225000 per day.

YES they do.

Dear Keith: Do you think the media seeks to divide people rather than tell the truth?

Only alternative sites spread disinformation, Fox and CNN never lie when they report two different truths to individuals that have formed two different opinions on subjects these outlets prove are false. When reporting these sites never spread disinformation or lies. This is why it is imperative to have corporations or government officials decide what a civilian is allowed to view. The US population does not posses the intellect to make informed decisions based on information not reported by mainstream sites. Only truths that are said to be lies by other mainstream sites are still true enough to not be disinfo.

Dear Keith: Why are drugs that much accepted into the American society?

The pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology sales revenue increased from $534 billion to $775 billion between 2006 and 2015. We can only imagine the profits this industry will see in coming years as the government tries to implement policies for the mandatory vaccination.
Illegal drug use is just a fraction of the drugs prescribed to 48 % of the population every 30 days. We find illegal drugs becoming more acceptable, though it will be many years before we see the same addiction or death rates.

Dear Keith: How is it that so many people are aware of gangstalking, but still act as though a Targeted Individual is suffering from psychosis of some sort when they speak about the perpetrators?

Only those that do not understand this program still question a victim of assaults in this program. Once individuals have learned of the exposed FBI Cointelpto operations, the unethical human experimentation that has been carried out over the past century it is hard to deny. These assaults on innocent civilians and the crimes being committed duplicate the crimes that occurred in the exposed FBI stalking/ torture/ assassination program. Same methods, same tactics, being carried out in secrecy for decades before the public realized what was happening.

Dear Keith: Why are there so many Americans who think guns don’t kill people?

Everyone knows guns kill people, guns carried by police, guns carried by soldiers, guns carried by civilians. Many are used in the murders of innocent individuals, many are used to protect individuals. We have the right to bear arms and there is a movement to take this right away, as well as freedom of speech and basic civil rights.

It would be better to address what has changed in our society, figure out why we are now raising children who set out to harm others.

Dear Keith: Should the United Nations make it legal for governments to use humane torture as a way of interrogating terrorists?

Not if we want to live in a civilized world. Such action has led to the torture of civiliand in the US by our government. What will occur next? The torture of corrupt politicians to reveal the extent of their corruption? Do we torture FBI agents after they assassinate civilians and political activist in the US?

Do we torture CIA operatives when they are found to have murdered innocent individuals in the US to reveal the depth of their corruption. Even using the methods of torture used on terrorist do not seem acceptable for use on Americans.

It seems that prosecution of these individuals, as well as imprisonment, or possibly execution is sufficient to address these crimes.

Dear Keith: Was the CIA really involved in the JFK murder?

It seems this is a possibility. In order to cover up this crime we see the involvement many intelligence agencies. The FBI was running the illegal Cointelpro stalking/ assassination program at the time of the assassination coup. These illegal operation ran for decades in secrecy 1950’s to 1970’s before being exposed.

This program targeted and assassinated political activist, whistleblowers, civilians, anyone deemed a threat to the political agenda of these agencies. A few of those targeted in the original program were Martin Luther King, Malcom X, John Lennon.

The FBI sent out a list of suggestions on how to achieve their goals. They can all be applied to what happened to musicians, youngsters at folk rock festivals, and hippies along the highway.

Gather information on their immorality. Show them as scurrilous and depraved. Call attention to their habits and living conditions. Explore every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them. Send articles to the newspapers showing their depravity. Use narcotics and free sex to entrap. Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt. Get records of their bank accounts. Obtain specimens of handwriting. Provoke target groups into rivalries that may result in death.

“Intelligence Activities and Rights of Americans”
Book II, April 26, 1976
Senate Committee Study with Respect to Intelligence.

Accounts by famous individual often led one to believe circumstances surrounding the deaths of many of these stars were odd, at best.

Keith Richards, of the Stones, said of Brian Jones death:

“Some very weird things happened the night Brian died. We had these chauffeurs working for us, and we tried to find out. Some of them had a weird hold over Brian. I got straight into it and wanted to know who was there and couldn’t find out. The only cat I could ask was the one I think who got rid of everybody, and did a whole disappearing thing so that when the cops arrived, it was just an accident. Maybe it was. I don’t know. I don’t even know who was there that night, and finding out is impossible. It’s the same feeling with who killed Kennedy. You can’t get to the bottom of it.”

It is not hard to imagine that these individuals could have been assassinated in the exposed Cointelpro operations.

Though said to have been shut down in the 1970’s, we have decades of reports from civilians targeted in these operations. The modern program does not focus on the famous, any activist, whistleblower, civilian or outspoken individual can now be a targeted in Cointelpro and unethical human experimentation.

Dear Keith: If cops are in front of my house at night, is that a suspicious activity that I should call the cops?

I had this occur in Harris County Texas. This deputy was taking part in the illegal FBI cointelpro operations that were exposed after running for decades in secrecy.
If you are a victim of this program calling the police will not help for local, state and federal officials participate in this program. It is important that you do record these activities though for they use the same tactics seen in the original program which include fabricating evidence, as well as false imprisonment.

Dear Keith: Is “gang stalking” a form of organized crime?

It is organized by the government yet uses criminal informants. This is the FBI Cointelpro program, though exposed after running for decades in secrecy it never ended, now victims referred to as targeted individuals and Gangstalking victims. The same local, state and federal officials participate as well as the criminal informants working alongside the FBI and police that take part in this as they did in the operations we find the Senate Hearings addressing after their exposure.

Dear Keith: What do conspiracy theorists eat for breakfasts?

They generally avoid anything that is cooked in tinfoil, after years of wearing tinfoil hats to protect themselves from RF, EF, EMF, they found that this only increases the frequencies they felt they are assaulted with.
They now use rectenna hats. These made after conspiracy theorist discovered they could harness free energy from the EF, RF, and EMF they were assaulted with. They began making one of their first rectennas using schematics taken from studies conducted in 1963 at Raytheon, one of the worlds leading military contractors , this was composed of 28 half-wave dipoles, each terminated in a bridge rectifier made from four 1N82G point-contact, semiconductor diodes for operation at 2.45 GHz. A power output of 7 W was produced at 40% efficiency.

Quickly recognizing the hats that could be manufactured from such a antenna were much more fashionable and also could be useful charging their smart devices, cell phones, and also a small blinking light on top of this hat. Soon many were spotted wearing these as they wandered around wondering how the Earth could be flat when they constantly encountered hills and mountains on their hikes, they long ago switched over from the outdated tinfoil hats, yet have never been able to overcome the anxiety these produced after they realized this apparel actually elevated the frequencies they had long ago tried to shield themselves from.

On these absent minded early morning walks, they are able to forage using the light produced from their rectenna hat, often eating grass, tree bark or the mushrooms they find on their Trips.

Dear Keith: Are average American people really so poor that they need the government’s $600 handout for food and rent?

Many individual have lost all income The government has forced the closures of small businesses nationwide. Without the financial resources of corporations such as Walmart, Walgreens, cvs, or small businesses being allowed to remain open, they do need income to support themselves and their families.

Dear Keith? Why isn’t there a jail sentence of 1,000 years in America for people who oppose gun control?

There should of course be no jail time, this is a Constitutional right, all gun owners should practice shooting at firing ranges regularly to ensure they have excellent control of the weapons they use to protect themselves and others with.

Dear Keith: How factual is it that African-Americans do not trust the Covid-19 vaccine?

Blacks in the USA have been the subjects of unethical human experimentation taking place in the US, it would not be surprising if they did not trust these vaccines. John Hopkins, the very same university that releases Covid 19 stats took part in these past experiments.

Dear Keith: Is it possible for the CIA to be behind the Black Lives Matter protests?

Of course their operations are now combined with FBI illegal Cointelpro operations. Though exposed, they are still carried in the USA. These operations include the formation, creation and infiltration of movements just like this in order to achieve political goals as well as monitor the activities of any activism in our Country.
The targeting, infiltration and assassination of activist and organizations in the previous program demonstrates their desire to control the agenda of any such movement.
With notable individuals such as Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Malcom X, etc targeted in these assassination programs we can not forget the history of these illegal activities.

Though not all of the individuals targeted in the exposed program are proven to have been assassinated by the FBI, the fact that they readily use this tactic is alarming in what at one time was a free country.

Some of the current cointelpro operations are carried out against BLM activist, most target civilians, activist and whistleblowers. These victims refer to themselves as targeted individuals or gang stalking victims.

Dear Keith: Why is misinformation and confusion the biggest threat to public safety during an outbreak, and what can be done to rectify this?

Demand the public undertake their own research to protect themselves, time for the population of the USA to stop relying on Big Brother.

Dear Keith: How do you cope with being treated like you are crazy or paranoid for following Covid safety guidelines and advice, when others (especially those close to you) aren’t?

This is supposed to be a free Country, if you choose to believe media reports, Wear mask, social distance, take vaccinations, etc. you should Be allowed to without your views being questioned or ridiculed.
Your knowledge that these measures will protect you, though questioned by many as being unreliable for it comes from sources that have been proven to often be unreliable, should be enough for you to stand by your beliefs, and not be fearful of contact with those that feel such measures are unneeded, for these safety measures you take are said to offer you protection from the threat you believe in.

Hopefully those around you will realize you live in a Republic, and will support you and your actions. There is no reason you should be persecuted as you pose no threat to these individuals who also live in a Republic and are free to protect their lives as they see fit.

Dear Keith: If you saw a neighbor smoking pot in their backyard, would you call the cops?

This should pose no threat to you, do you feel their actions are endangering any one? I guess this also depends on what state you live in as this is legal in many states. No matter where you live you definitely do not want to call the police if you have been drinking to much, this could lead to legal problems for yourself so if this were the case it might be best to mind your own business.
I realize the USA has became a Country where it is best to observe the actions of others, judging them and deciding if they are tolerable, rather then looking at ones self, yet many of your fellow countrymen might look at you and find faults as well, this is seldom considered when we now all find ourselves above reproach as we search for faults in others.

Dear Keith: Did Hitler really do crazy experiments on people?

The Germans did crazy experiments while Hitler was in power. These were carried out by many German scientist. We saw many of these scientists brought to the USA in operation paperclip after the end of WWII. This is not unusual in many countries including the USA. America has over a 100 year history of conducting unethical human experimentation on non consenting civilians. This experimentation has constantly been carried out by institutions, universities, military contractors, the military, CIA, FBI, prisons, etc and is comparable to the experimentation carried out by the NAZIs.

It is no surprise that a country such as the US, that now openly endorses the use of torture at military and CIA facilities, has not ended this century old practice, especially when the exposed history of these experiments shows it never stops.

The current experimentation taking place dwarfs any of the previous experiments in size, as well as in the sadistic nature of these experiments. It is ran on a scale not seen since the NAZIs carried out the holocaust.

The FBI/CIA Cointelpro operations have for decades been carried out in secrecy, this program long ago exposed targets dissidents, activist, whistleblowers, civilians, much in the same way the Nazi party targeted such groups in the German Fatherland.

With the creation of Homeland Security, we saw the quick creation of a stasi like police state, building on the community policing programs created under the Clinton/ Biden administration. We saw all social media platforms begin censoring any subject or person who was a threat to the homeland, or to the secrecy of the Cointelpro operations.
The new Cointelpro operations now combine the break ins, drugging, poisoning, fabrication of evidence, stalking, false imprisonments, assassinations, with the human experimentation projects seen taking place over the previous century.

The use of high tech military technologies are put to use with the involvement of private and military contractors. Endless reports of targeted individuals, gang stalking, victims, being assaulted with microwave weapons.

These attacks with microwaves, as barbaric, sadistic as crimes committed in Nazi Germany.
It would not be a surprise to find among the private military contractors taking part in these experiments entities such as Blackwater. After their rapes and murders exposed overseas, they quickly were funded by agencies such as Fema, homeland security, to begin operations on US soil. With a trillion dollar recent contract with China, one must wonder who this private military contractor now operating in the USA answers to.

It is not proven that they take part in the rapes, sexual assaults we find regularly reported in the targeted individual communities in the US. With the FBI alone employing over 15000 criminal informants allowed to commit over 5600 different crimes yearly, an ever age of 15 crimes a day committed by each of these individuals, The FBI and police employ and protect criminals that are the most likely suspects.

The NAZIs of WWII, no longer have the leading role as the nation that carried out crimes against humanity, the USA apparently in its effort to dominate the world in every way, decided long ago, they could easily compete with the NAZIs, with the help of the local, state, federal agencies, institutions, universities, CIA, and FBI our society has succeeded in this quest.

Dear Keith: Are there any conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of Malcom X? If so what are they and how true are they?

One theory suggest that since Malcom X was a individual targeted in the illegal FBI Cointelpro stalking/ assassination program that was exposed after operating for three decades in secrecy, that the FBI might have been involved in his assassination as well as Martin a Luther King who was also targeted. The FBI immediately destroyed evidence nation wide when this program was exposed so the full role they played in this assassination and many others will never be known.
What is known is they also assassinated activist Fred Hampton, in these operations and have waged a war on black America for many decades.

Once again their Cointelpro operations are being reported in the BLM movement, this is no surprise for their need to create, infiltrate, or manipulate movements such as this is seen in the template of the exposed program.

These operations never ended though we can read of them being shut down. The many assassinations carried out using these same tactics would implicate the same criminal organization that was exposed so long ago.

Dear Keith: Have any politicians ever been cloned?

I have always felt this was far fetched. Something that a delusional “conspiracy theorist “ might come up with.

In a recent search I did on aliens, instead of finding the results I was looking for on Mexican Americans, I stumbled across these pictures. I had discounted the actions of this representative for many years, never even considered she was the result of some alcohol induced cloning or experimentation project, yet not able to immediately fact check this on a government created site I was not only shocked, but somewhat curious as well.

Can this be discounted, taking into consideration recent advances in DNA research and cloning projects that have been embarked on word wide?

The many images I saw suggested this was true! Obviously information on the internet is true and above reproach, or we would not need the government or corporations protecting us from information, our brains, which are still evolving are unable to process.

The close resemblance can not be denied, yet I am still skeptical, call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but it will take much more research for me to actually believe this is a fact.

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