Jeffery Kantor was employed with a government contractor when the government began a campaign of harassment against him because of Google’s autocomplete feature. In October of 2009, when Kantor worked for Appian, he was doing performing an online search, he had intended to search for “How do I build a radio-controlled airplane”, at the time he was thinking of making the toy for his son’s birthday, instead when he typed “How do I build a,” Google completed the search with the word “bomb,”

This incident resulted in government investigators mercilessly harassing him and even getting him fired from his job. Federal officials visited Kantor at his place of employment and soon after began monitoring his book purchases, computer searches, and attached a GPS device to his car so they could track his every movement.

Soon after the people he worked with at a government contractor would repeat back to him private information only he would know, including information from his his emails, his private conversations at home, conversations in his car, even information about his library books. When these incidents angered him, this co-workers would mention a neighbor who “went on a murder suicide,”. If he remained calm, they would speak of people dropping dead from hypertension. Kantor could only view these statements as veiled death threats.

These are the same actions reported repeatedly by individuals targeted in FBI Cointelpro stalking operations. These are the same methods used in these operations for decades before the exposure of the program in the 1970’s. The passing of the patriot act, the censorship of information that is now the norm in the USA, had allowed the modern program to run in secrecy until public awareness began to grow 2-4 years ago.

Kantor filed a lawsuit in Federal Court seeking nearly $60 million in damages, he named several government officials as defendants, including Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The mistaken Google search caused them to wage a harassment campaign against him. The suit states that one time when Kantor visited an adult website on his home computer he was confronted at work by a co-worker who whispered to him, “People who go to porn sites are going to hell,”.

Kantor states that he took his complaints to the Anti-Defamation League and this only increased the veiled death threats and retaliation from government investigators.

Kantor was eventually fired from his job at the Appian Corp. The government harassment followed him when he found jobs with other government contractors, the suit claims.

Kantor stated in his lawsuit that “Instead of going after actual terrorists, the government has been investigating innocent people and violating their civil and constitutional rights in the process.”

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