I had walked out to smoke a cigarette and immediately noticed a large police presence in front of my room. As I am in Pearland Texas, suffer constant harassment by many civilians as well as public officials and was also had a Harris County Deputy stalking me, harassing me, blocking me in my drive, trespassing on my property for close to ten days straight before I was arrested on fabricated charges and falsely imprisoned. Upon release from jail I also found the Harris County Fire stalking me as seen in video below. The actions encountered almost daily by police, fire or EMS are basically the use of sirens and lights when in my sight, this is a form of intimidation directed at me in a attempt to let me know I am under 24/7 overt surveillance. This tactic is employed against many in the renewed FBI Cointelpro operation.

After my false imprisonment, the same deputy that had initiated the stalking campaign which led to my false imprisonment continued his harassment, using this same light and siren harassment every time he drove by my residence. I only stayed there for one week, for after his renewed terrorism I sold the home for the first cash offer I got at a substantial loss in hopes of escaping another set-up, false imprisonment brought on by the activities of a corrupt Harris County Sheriff Deputy. I returned to notify individuals of the situation. I then stepped back outside to enquire about the activity outside of my room.

Pearland Texas Police Interaction

As I started to post this story at the same location where this police interaction took place, I suffered a malware attack on the database of this site. As targets of this Cointelpro operation, all accounts are hacked 24/7. This is more of a harassment technique when carried out at this level, though they often attack the targets financially as well in their cyber criminal activities.

Police and FBI criminal informants take part in this program. The FBI alone employs over 5600 criminal informants that are payed to commit over 5600 crimes repeatedly, annually. This does not count the massive criminal informant network that has been created and is working with police forces nationwide. These informants work for these agencies, commit crimes which these agencies cover up, therefore are allowed to freely terrorize civilians with absolutely no accountability.


Below, many visits by Fort Worth Fire to the Quality Inn on Cherry Street White Settlement Texas as well as EMS blocking me in parking spot as Harris County Police Deputy did. This occurred ion a nearly empty parking lot and my vehicle was blocked in spot for nearly 1/2 hour.

Phone call to FBI about interstate crimes, Stalking, assault, rape, previous contact in 2012, the 24/7 stalking began one day after the 2012 incident, and contact in 2016, weeks after this next contact I was drugged, house break-ins began which have occurred constantly since this date, windows broke out of house, truck stolen, poisoning, etc. I soon after fled Alaska selling home at substantial loss to try to escape this terrorism.

Photos from the police interaction at Inn Town Suites Hobby Airport Houstone. (Pearland.) The cars with dark illegally tinted windows of course surround me at any location I have travelled for going on nine years.

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This is a common attack and was used as I first began to post this story. Websites of course regularly blocked, content manipulated, hacked, etc. This is why I convert webpages to PDF files, and MP4 files to preserve the work I have undertaken.


12/06/2020 Weird activity at Inn Town. Car in picture honks horn from room whenever I go out to smoke? Car drives by real slow, probably looking for drug dealers room, a lot of drug activity in these hotels, this would explain this behaviour at all hotels I stay at, weird ladies in car pull up when smoking and sit in car? Hazard lights used while sitting in parking lot.

I only post these for these are common actions taken in the FBI Cointelpro operations, stupid, but when you get similar activities such as this each time you smoke cigarette, drive etc, this is meant to sensitize a person and then create anxiety etc in this psychological warfare carried out by psychos.

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