In 2019 I was informed that there was a fire at the residence of Carole and Dan Lankford at 1914 N Victoria Santa Ana California. This is the residence of Kelly Mconnell since moving there with her son Jackson Mcconnel in early 2019. Kelly had recommended contractors to repair water damage at the residence, a fire started in the upstairs bedroom of the residence after the contractor had masked off a light fixture with masking paper and turned on the light, the sheetrock that was on the ceiling of the room had been removed so when the hanging light fixture wrapped in masking paper caught fire the exposed ceiling rafters in the nearly 100 year old house were smoke damaged by this fire.

I had travelled to retrieve belongings from this house and looked closely at the damage when I arrived. Oddly the rafters were just smoke damaged, yet the hardwood floor beneath these rafters were burned nearly 1/8th inch deep when apparently, the burning ceiling light either fell to the floor below, or the chain it hung from was cut and it fell. It seemed to be rather extensive damage as it is unlikely that the fire caused this fixture to fall from the ceiling, leaving one to wonder if it was cut and fell to the floor, why was the fire not put out?

A fire investigator that Kelly Mcconnell knew was called to investigate this fire. A insurance claim was filed and the damage to the residence was repaired.

I have often felt in my opinion that Dan and Carole Lankford as well as Mcconnell had been brought into this FBI Cointelpro operation for, the Lankfords and Mcconnell had connections that we find often in this program. Mcconnells former husband Cory Walker was employed in the LAPD, and the Lankfords had two neighbors that they were former Police employees as well as close friends. Corrupt police officers that often take part in this program are said to be trained through citizen corps. Before the raid on my property in 2012 for the tenant Steve Landers, Kelly Mcconnell had loaned Mr Landers a lifelong friend $20,000.00 after he had been arrested in a different Cannabis Growing Operation in Anchorage Alaska. Mrs Mcconnell was a frequent visitor to Mr Landers property on her trips to Alaska previously to this incident. This 2012 raid was the start of the 24/7 stalking that I have now been subjected to for close to nine years.

Link to the story of the 2012 Fed and State raid which preceded this stalking by one day.



This would be hard to believe, if not for the fact that after a arson suffered at my home in Spring Texas, Carole Lankford offered me a loan to repair the damage after I had used the money I received from the sale of property in Alaska. She had at that time started a account which gave me access to a card in my name on this account. After encountering constant break-ins, druggings, etc, both at the residence of Carole Lankford in California and at my residence in Spring Texas. I called the police in Santa Ana California when I felt the effects of being drugged. Carole Lankford when informed that the police were coming to the residence wanted to leave, as I felt insecure facing the police alone at this residence I left with her. As we drove out of the drive, the neighbor (John and Patty ( )? Former Police Officer) across the street, had a black SUV with dark tinted windows backed into his drive, and for some reason they flashed their lights at us as we exited the drive at 9:00 or 10:00 PM at night

In Spring Texas I had found documents from Wells Fargo that payments were being made on what had escalated from a $3500.00 debt to a amount of close to $18,000.00. This was a old debt in my name that someone had set payments up on this card created for the reconstruction of the house which suffered arson. These payments were fraudulent.

I eventually had all documentation of money spent on this card stolen. Carole Lankford, who was the president of accounting at Fidelity National Title for close to two decades, has since refused to produce the documentation of activity on this account as well as closing documents on a residence in Anchorage Alaska, and a credit card set up to allow me access to fund until this transaction took place. Carole Lankford had helped in the purchase of this property after I had became entangled in a dispute with the IRS. I had a vested interest in this property after constructing a house on the said property, subdivided the land, put in two hundred foot driveways, etc. Many years of labor and hard work.

Kelly Mconnell once again had stepped in after the 24/7 stalking by the FBI which started n 2012 escalated in 2016 dramatically, at which time I was drugged, assaulted, terrorized on the property until I fled. These are the same tactic exposed in the FBI cointelpro operation in the 1970’s. The drugging of activist, break-ins, disinformation campaigns, slander, assaults, assassinations, etc. Mcconnell had her friend or associate Cathy Christina who worked at First Team Real Estate recommend a agent in Alaska for the sale of the property at 6045 Blackberry Street. This agent was Steve Sharp of Coldwell Bankers. The reason I question these transactions and the motive of the individuals involved is the failure to release financial transactions relating to this.

On the trip to retrieve belongings in 2019, Kelly Mcconnel had stated that her friend Cathy Christina had previously been involved in a illegal criminal enterprise of identity theft, as well as credit card theft which netted her hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Mcconnell stated that when Cathy Christina had faced charges for this criminal enterprise, she had arrived in court and surprisingly enough her case was dismissed, she had stated that the reason for this is that Christinas father was in the courtroom at the time, the odd thing is, that she also stated that he was in this courtroom to face criminal charges. But she said this is how the system sometimes works, “It is just who you know.”

As we look more closely at the original Cointelpro operations we find that many of the people involved that took part in these crimes were in fact criminal informants, which raises the possibility that this is who Christina’s father was, and this is the reason her charges were dismissed. One other interesting thing was mentioned in conversations with Mcconnell on this trip, this was that Las Vegas was the money laundering capital, though this is widespread knowledge to a lot of individual, what makes this even more interesting is that during my visit in 2019, Kelly Mcconnell and Cathy Christina went to Las Vegas for a tournament in which Cathy Christina won $250,000.00.

As I have came to believe these individuals have been brought into this program or chose to actively participate in these crimes this raised suspicions, both to the previous fraudulent activity found on this card, the failure to release documentation of these accounts, and the insurance settlement related to the fire at 1914 Victoria. Mcconnell had recently moved into the residence to help the ageing Carole and Dan Lankford, she also helped with their finances as she had studied Trust and Probate Law for the past few years preceding this.

With many individuals that are victims of this Cointelpro like assault believing that there is a possible connection to life insurance policies taken out in the name of the victims, the knowledge of her expertise in Trust and Probate law also raided suspicions, though she had stated that she was thinking of leaving her employment at Fidelity National Title to pursue a career relating to Trust and Probate Law. It should be noted that Mcconnell stated on a trip to Las Vegas that Cathy Christina was engaged in a estate battle with her siblings, I believe this is when her interest grew in Trust and Probate law, the escalated stalking that occurred in 2016 started shortly after my return from this trip as well as renewed contact with the FBI upon my return. I have never been aware of any policy that has been created in my name , so any such policy in my name would be fraudulent.

As I have encountered events since 2012 that have cost me the loss of well more then 1/4 million dollars, I am trying to document some of the events leading up to this and current events as they occur. As I have repeatedly had all financial as well as personnel documentation either destroyed in the arson, or repeatedly stolen. I often use this platform to archive events in hopes that these archived links will also not be destroyed, as so many online sites have been manipulated, shut down or destroyed in the past. I many past sites you will see where pictures on websites are now whitened out, these were documentation of the vandalism that occur during the assault that took place in 2016. Obviously, just as in the case of stalking, and rape victim Sarah Degeyter, such criminals acts do not repeatedly take place in vastly different locations, close links to intelligence agencies which carried out these same crimes in the past, without this being a very highly organized and very well funded operation. As the close contact with the FBI in my case, and the 24/7 stalking starting just one day after their raid on my property, the duplication of their terrorist like activities in the 1950s-1970’s which included the assassinations of activist, it would of course be assumed that they were one of the agencies engaged in the criminal acts that have taken place over the past eight years.

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