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An autonomous system number is a unique identifier that is globally available and allows its autonomous system to exchange routing information with other systems.

If your autonomous system requires an Internet connection or a connection to a separate network, it needs to use Border Gateway Protocol, which requires manual configuration. One of the configuration options involves identifying the other autonomous systems with which you are forming a connection. The only way that an autonomous system can be identified is via their ASN.

Autonomous system numbers are directly tied to Internet exchange points when it comes to the benefits of edge computing. Each network that uses peering at an IXP is an autonomous system that has an autonomous system number. Peering through BGP is only possible because each AS has a unique identifier and is manually configured to talk directly to other unique identifiers. //

AS number lookup helps to analyze network data relating to any cyber-infrastructure or organization, and third-party companies related to the main target. Also, it allows exploring IPv4 ranges (CIDR), domains at autonomous systems, or related ASNs to get even more info. //

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Bogon filtering: Bogon filtering is the practice of filtering bogons, which are bogus IP addresses of a computer network. Bogons include IP packets on the public Internet that contain addresses that are not in any range allocated or delegated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or a delegated regional Internet registry and allowed for public Internet use.

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