Cointelpro, Targeted Individuals, Stalking, Harassment, Drugging, Break-ins, Mail Theft, Rape Coverup, Murder of civilians, A continuing terrorist campaign against American civilians that spans well over 50 years.

After going through daily harassment by this criminal agency year after year, it should be noted that they are working with many agencies in the US government in their new campaign of terror against civilians which is intended to destroy an individual in every way possible at any cost. This is not an isolated event, thousands if not millions fall victim to these thugs that have no accountability to any law in what was once thought to be a free land, civil rights trampled on daily, the Constitution just a worthless document when faced with the murderous onslaught of the FBI.

Harris County Fire #26 taking part in the Harris County Police and FBI stalking and Harassment campaign.

The assault beating and rape of Sarah Degeyter.

This is the documented, true-life account of an innocent women’s life destroyed by Gang Stalking in Texas.

In November of 2015, my life suddenly changed forever when my father David Degeyter suddenly died of organ failure in Port Arthur,Texas. His body was cremated immediately by my stepmother Mary Edith Davis Degeyter Barnet. I was not contacted about my fathers passing, even though I shared a close relationship with him since a child and spoke with him on the phone daily for 20 years. I was in the middle of a horrible divorce with Michael Nelson Phillips Jr. in Brazoria County Texas. My father was funding my divorce. My stepmom had previously expressed

My now ex husband “Mike” Phillips Jr. of Bossier City, Louisiana had also warned me that if my father and I pursued a property battle with him, that “my father would end up dead and that I would end up on the streets with no one and nothing”.

These threats became my living reality. I have been severely gang stalked for the last 4 years and it’s completely destroyed my life. It’s next to impossible to get help because the active participants of gang stalkers are corrupt law enforcement and its run out of fusion centers with direction from the FBI, NSA, and the CIA. I consider this to be the worst crime known to man. Gang stalking targets millions of innocent Americans. We are referred to as “Targeted Individuals”. If you are a Targeted Individual, then someone put your name on what is known as a Standard Nomination Form. Your name was added to a Standard Nomination Form because the person who added your name claims that you are a terrorist threat. Any person can have their name put on the list via a Standard Nomination Form, and without any due cause or merit. You will never be notified that your name was added to the Terrorist Watch List, but the slow murder of your life will transpire as Government Criminals create your new existence of living in the United States of America without Constitutional rights.

Sarah was being stalked and harassed in Harris County Texas, she had traced the IP addresses that were found on her online accounts to houses that were surrounding her, one residence linked to an ex Harris COunty Deputy. Soon after her RV was broken into, she was beaten and raped at gunpoint.

She fled to Fort Worth where this stalking immediately continued, this does not happen unless it is a highly funded and very well organized campaign of terror. I along with a friend came to Fort Worth to try to assist her and we were witnesses to this continuing harassment.

The Stalking of Sarah Degeyter Link

When contacting the FBI about the continuing criminal acts that I have been subjected to for many years, all closely tied to contact I have had with the FBI, they hung up as I mentioned the case of Sarah Degeyter, refusing to investigate interstate crimes that it is their job to investigate, as well as refusing to receive information about crimes they had contacted me about and asked me to contact them in the future if I had any relevant information.

Every crime I had encountered since 2012, just one day after a raid the FBI was involved in on my property at 6059 Blackberry Street, Anchorage Alaska, were crimes that the FBI has a long history of committing against civilians. Stalking, harassment, slander, theft, drugging, arson, psychological warfare, hacking, data manipulation, data theft, website attacks, vehicle tampering, destruction of evidence, phone hacking, homeland security joint drills and exercises carried out in my subdivision where I was stalked, harassed and set up by Harris County Police, and of course censorship of any mention of the crimes they commit in a many year long ongoing campaign of terror.

A new tool that the US intelligence agencies now wield against civilians is the use of military grade weapons. The helicopters and tanks that were used in Waco and the may hours of jet flyovers used in the Ruby Ridge murder of the Weaver family are some examples of these weapons being used in the past. For many years though a endless number of Americans are reporting the use of microwave weapons.

The most publicized case of the use of these weapons is on the US diplomats in Cuba. For me, the case that brings the most attention to the use of these weapons is the sudden illness of my ex wife (Cynthia Strickland) in 2008 where the brain injuries and symptoms duplicate the very same symptoms that were suffered by these diplomats.

Cynthia Strickland sister of Michael Strickland, victim of government persecution. //

Michael Strickland forced to defend himself from masked Antifa thugs.

I as well have undergone another escalation of terrorism since 2016 and all research leads to the belief that this is a assault related of course to the FBI terrorism I have suffered daily starting one day after their participation in the raid on my Alaska property by 35-40 federal and state agents in 2012 using the warrant of a tenant, (Steve Landers) as a pretext. I was unarmed and had never owned a weapon which would make it seem that this army of machine gun wielding, bulletproof vested thugs was overkill. There are countless witnesses to the stalking I have endured starting on this date which has followed me thousands of miles through many states.

The tactics used in the Targeted Individual program are the exact same criminal acts in the FBI’s Cointelpro operations that were exposed in the 1970’s, they were also tactics that have been used in military campaigns for many years as well as the same actions taken by the federal government against civilians in Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge, etc. An endless record of the assault and murder of civilians by an agency out of control.

The FBI 24/7 harassment began in 2012, Steve Landers at that time was allegedly arrested, upon his alleged release from federal prison in 2016, I was again contacted by the FBI concerning him and a John Vindetti whom the FBI stated that Mr Landers had said he had had a conversation with me and Mr Vindetti where Vindetti had stated he had engaged in sexual activity with a minor. I had no knowledge of this and felt that these allegations were false and stated this.

Mr Vindetti had stated to shortly before this contact with the FBI that he had received block letters wanting a large sum of money from him, or the sender of these letters would send many letters to all of his neighbors at his purchased residence. I believe that there is a great possibility that one if not both of these men were FBI informants. Within weeks of this last contact with the FBI the terrorist campaign against me greatly escalated once again.

Below: Phone call to FBI






John Lang: Predicts his own death

John Lang lost his life on 01/20/2016, after years of documented harassment by the Fresno Police and other agencies. This appears to use the same tactics that are used in the FBI’s renewed Cointelpro stalking, harassment, drugging, murder of activist nationwide. These individuals refer to themselves as Targeted Individuals.

On 01/16/2016 Fresno Fire Department responded to a fire at Lang’s home and found Lang lying in the back of the home, he had been stabbed multiple times and was soon pronounced dead, This was ruled a suicide.

He had posted this picture of what appears to be an FBI van using infrared surveillance camera to surveille his home.


FBI Murders of Weaver Family

Sammy Weaver, just 14 years of age, standing 4 ft 11 inches tall, saw his dog Striker get shot to death by a masked intruder wearing camouflage, In fear for his life he fired back and turned to run for the safety of his home, he was shot in the back.Sammy died instantly gunned down by a federal agent.

Vicky Weaver stood in the doorway of her home cradling her 10 month old daughter as she was mourning her murdered son, a bullet tore into Vicki Weaver’s face blowing through her jaw and severed her carotid artery. The bullet was fired from over 200 yards away by a federal agent.

The FBI had spent nearly a year and a half as federal agents roamed the area, picking locations for surveillance and for snipers. They had spent over 3 million dollars to reign in this criminal, Randy Weaver who had sold two shotguns whose barrels arguably measured 1/4 inch less than the 18 inch length determined arbitrarily by Congress to be legal.

Waco Texas: Koresh had said 95 people were inside, and nine escaped, making the death toll 86.

Over 53 Women and Children burned alive in the federal assault on the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas.

Various federal agencies with help of the military raided the Branch Davidians compound using a warrant for the search of the compound for illegal firearms, a gunfight allegedly began after over eighty federal vehicles and two helicopters arrived to serve this warrant.Military aircraft were clustered at nearby TSTC airport in case these men women and children put up to much of a fight.

Some have wondered if it would not have been easier to just wait for Koresh and any others named in the warrants to make a trip into town and then arrest them, as Koresh had in the previous month reported to the local police that the compound was under overt surveillance it seemed that this would have been possible.

Civilians that died in the FBI/ Military assault in Waco Texas

The FBI began playing loud music, Tibetan Chants, Christmas Music, the screams of rabbits being slaughtered and other engaging sounds as a means of sleep deprivation and noise harassment

Two unmarked cattle trailers pull up and more then 70 agents wearing mask and dressed in dark commando costumes charged the property yelling and shooting. David Koresh opened the front door unarmed and shouted ‘what do you want, there’s women and children in here, the lead agent yelled “police, get down, Koresh then closed the door and shortly after the firefight began.

It has been reported that Koresh was somewhat paranoid of the Federal Government and that he might have feared the ovewrreach of the law, and that was the reason he chose to purchase firearms as a means to protect himself if such an event ever happened.

As the siege went on the FBI began playing loud music, Tibetan Chants, Christmas Music, the screams of rabbits being slaughtered and other engaging sounds as a means of sleep deprivation and noise harassment, used bright spotlights to bathe the compound at night and used LRAD (Long Range Acoustical Device) to further disorientate the civilians within. This did not seem to encourage the men woman and children to exit the compound and surrender into the hands of the federal agents who tackled, handcuffed and shackled those that had previously exited.

As time progressed two tanks joined the arsenal of the FBI, yet even though they stated on loudspeakers as they broke into the wood framed walls, ‘This is not an assault, no one will enter the compound, do not fire weapons”, the Davidians apparently took this the wrong way and reportedly returned fire.

Soon after a fire erupted inside the compound and the civilians were burned alive. Fire trucks were prevented by the FBI from approaching the burning compound. After the fire subsided a BATF flag was raised signifying victory. Although Koresh reported a higher number of civilians in the compound, only the burned remains of 75 corpses were recovered. After the ruins had cooled, authorities combed the site for evidence wanting to provide a fair account of this event and then immediately bulldozed the site for health reasons.

February 25, 1993: BATF Secures Search Warrant for Davidian Compound

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF, sometimes abbreviated ATF) agent Davy Aguilera obtains a warrant, or affidavit as it is sometimes called in law enforcement terminology, to search the Branch Davidian compound, known to many as Mt. Carmel, just outside of Waco, Texas. Aguilera, a BATF agent out of Austin, Texas, secures the warrant from US Magistrate Judge Dennis Green in Waco. Aguilera says the evidence for the warrant comes from his own investigation, “as well as information furnished to me by other law enforcement officers and concerned citizens” (see March 5-9, 1992, June-July 1992, November 1992 – January 1993, December 7, 1992, January 11, 1993 and After, and January 22 – Early February, 1993). Aguilera’s warrant gives legal standing for the BATF’s upcoming raid on the Davidian compound (see 5:00 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. February 28, 1993). Aguilera writes, “I believe that Vernon Howell, aka David Koresh and/or his followers who reside at the compound known locally as the Mt. Carmel Center are unlawfully manufacturing and possessing machine guns and explosive devices.” [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 2/25/1993] The legitimacy of the BATF affidavits and warrants will be disputed. After the events of the final assault (see April 19, 1993), a retired FBI agent will examine the original BATF affidavits and say that the agency lacked probable cause for them. In 1996, a Congressional investigation will find that the warrant is replete with “an incredible number of false statements” (see August 2, 1996); one example is its claim, based on witness statements, that the Davidians own a British Boys anti-tank .52 caliber rifle, when in fact they own a Barret light .50 firearm. Possession of the British Boys constitutes a felony, while ownership of the Barret is legal. The affidavit relies heavily on information provided by former Davidian Marc Breault (see February 27 – March 3, 1993); it does not note that Breault left the compound as an opponent of Koresh, a fact that might affect his motives in speaking against Koresh. Nor does the affidavit note that Breault is almost completely blind, but instead claims that he was a bodyguard who “participated in physical training and firearm shooting exercises conducted by Howell. He stood guard armed with a loaded weapon.” Aguilera repeatedly misrepresents and misstates the facts of weapons laws in the affidavit, and misstates the types of weapons parts that Koresh and the Davidians are known to have purchased. The investigation will find that while legitimate evidence exists that would constitute probable cause for a warrant, the BATF agents “responsible for preparing the affidavits knew or should have known that many of the statements were false.” [House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, 8/2/1996; House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, 8/2/1996]

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February 27 – March 3, 1993: Waco Newspaper Profiles Branch Davidian Leader, Accuses Him of Child Rape and Abuse

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Waco Tribune-Herald headline for its ‘Sinful Messiah’ series, with a photo of Davidian leader David Koresh.Waco Tribune-Herald headline for its ‘Sinful Messiah’ series, with a photo of Davidian leader David Koresh. [Source: Pyreaus (.com)]The Waco Tribune-Herald begins what it calls the “Sinful Messiah” series of articles on Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, formerly Vernon Howell (see November 3, 1987 and After). Based on interviews with former members of the sect, the series accuses Koresh of being a “cult leader” who physically abuses children and takes underage brides, even raping one of them. [Waco Tribune-Herald, 3/3/1993; XTimeline, 7/2010] Two weeks into the standoff, Newsweek will publish an article on Koresh and the Davidians that draws heavily on the Waco Tribune-Herald series. [Newsweek, 3/15/1993] An August 1992 investigation by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (DPRS) found no evidence of such claims (see April 1992).

‘Grossly Incompetent’ – In 1996, the House committee investigation will find that the BATF investigation is “grossly incompetent” (see August 2, 1996). [House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, 8/2/1996]

Clinton’s and Biden’s Massacre: Waco’s Branch Davidian Slaughter

Almost all videos on the federal assault that took place in Waco Texas available on youtube have of course been removed, accounts closed, information once again censored. This leaves countless videos from American news sources to describe the events in a way the that pleases the federal agencies that have gained control of almost all social media sites in the USA. All alternative news sites are under attack, if not from constant cyber attacks, from the threat of FBI, HLS, hacking or targeting of the individuals that have the courage to exercise their freedom of speech.

The 1969 FBI And Chicago Police Murder of Fred Hampton

Early in the morning onDecember 4, 1969 over 100 shots were fired into a apartment where Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were asleep, killing both men, four other men were wounded. In a press conference only hours later, it was falsely claimed that there was a fierce shootout and that Fred and other Black Panthers members had fired numerous shots at police.

Deborah Johnson was eight months pregnant at the time and was sleeping in bed next to Hampton when the police began shooting bedroom where they were sleeping. Johnson had not been shot and gave her account. Throughout the assault Hampton had remained unconscious (evidence emerged later that a paid FBI informant had drugged Hampton, this prevented him from waking up) after police forced Johnson out of the bedroom two officers entered the room where Hampton was in the bed unconscious. Johnson heard one officer ask, “Is he still alive?” After two gunshots were fired, the other officer said, “He’s good and dead now.”

Law enforcement claimed that this was a justifiable raid to recover illegal weapons and the Black Panthers turned it into a shootout. Police said they fired dozens of shots in an attempt to defend their lives. The evidence soon revealed that the officers charged in with their guns blazing. The only bullet fired by the Black Panthers came from Clark’s gun and was the result of a postmortem spasm which caused him to fire into the ceiling when shot in the heart.




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