FBI Linked Stalking: Keith Lankford

By: Keith Lankford

In 2012 there was a FBI and Police raid on my property (6045 and 6059 Blackberry Street Anchorage Alaska), the warrant was for tenant of mine, (Steve Landers.) Steve was renting an upstairs mother in law apartment in a separate house on the property, 4-5 other homes and businesses were raided on that day in Anchorage as part of this operation. I had known the tenant (Steve) for 36 years at that time. There were about 35-40 agents on my property for close to nine hours. There was cannabis found in the garage under the apartment Steve was renting, I had knowledge of past activities of Mr Landers which led me to tell him repeatedly to never bring contraband that was intended to be grown, bought of sold on my property. The cannabis found on my property was brought to the residence on the night before the raid.

I awoke the next morning and as I started my truck, many vehicles on the street where I lived started and closely followed me. No matter where I went, how fast or slow, I had what seemed to be a convoy now in pursuit. This did no end, this was not covert surveillance, this was a action taken by government officials to let me know I was watched every minute of every day. This has now continued for over eight years through many states. This is terrorism, no criminal charges were ever filed against me yet I am being persecuted year after year.

In 2016 the FBI contacted me concerning what had been a friend/ acquaintance of 44 years, they said that the Steve Landers had stated that I was involved in a conversation with him and John Vendetti, Steve had stated to the FBI that John had said that he had sex with a minor, (his cousin.) I have a very good memory and this conversation had never occurred and I had no reason to believe these allegations were true. This is after Steve’s alleged release from federal imprisonment, (I did not keep track of his case as I was angered he had brought this into my life and I was now being stalked.)
Before the contact in 2016 with FBI, John had stated that he was receiving letters with block writing trying to blackmail him for a large sum of money, we had came to the conclusion that this might have been Steve, the threat was to send more block letter letters to his surrounding neighbors unless the payment was received. Although I had no reason to believe the allegations about John at the time, he later made a statement that made me question his views on such a thing. (Questioning if the legal age of having sexual relations with a child was appropriate. My response was, you have to set a age limit that is law, and 18 seemed reasonable to me.)
Both Steve and John had been arrested for cannabis production prior to the 2012 raid on my property, Steve about 4-5 years prior, John about 7-8 years prior, they both called me as the police raided there properties looking for advice. I did have knowledge of activities, yet had not profited in any way from the business dealings of these people. Growing cannabis at that time in Alaska was illegal for the quantity of plants that were being produced.
No charges were ever filed against me at any time.
It was within months of the FBI contact in 2016 when the all out assault began on my life and property. I soon after fled to Texas where in Spring once again I found the clerk at the store closest to my home stating that two FBI agents had arrived shortly after my last trip there to ask questions about me. There is no doubt the FBI has always been linked very closely to the stalking and terrorism that has followed me 24/7 since 2012, as well as the surveillance that had watched over me for many years prior. Category: Uncategorized Edit “FBI Linked Stalking: Keith Lankford”

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Baucom RV Park 6213 Garden Acre Drive FBI, HLS: Slander, Corruption and Theft

As I am awaiting trial after being set up by the Harris County Police after years of assaults, intimidation, surveillance, and stalking by various federal, state and corporate agencies, this will be completed after I go to trial.

9/11 Grass-roots Organizer in Alaska 2002-present.

www.myfavoritemason.com now on Archive.org

www.anchoragemuni.com/ not the Anchorage Municipalities website www.muni.com (Note: A lot of the videos that I linked to had the user accounts closed, so I will slowly rebuild that research on this sight with available content on Archive.org, for most 9/11 and Sandy Hook Shooting Videos have been systematically removed from all social media sites for some reason.

Research into Sandy Hook Shooting reported online.

House Raided by 35-40 Federal and State agents armed with automatic weapons and wearing bullet proof vest after covert surveillance in 2012

Escalated stalking since the day of the raid in 2012. Home break-ins, slander, vehicle tampering, trespasses, etc.

Heavily escalated stalking again in 2016, assaulted, illegal detainment, I will mention further details after trial.

Fled Alaska in 2017 after residing there for 49 years to escape the terrorism of Federal, State, and Corporate agencies.

Stalked upon arrival in California, on drive to Colorado and back to California, and then in Harris County where I purchased a flood home in December of 2018.

Upon arrival FBI arrived in subdivision, asking about me at the Corner Store at the entrance of the subdivision.

Break-ins immediately began upon arrival, stalking, surveillance, intimidation, etc. Details after trial.

Homeland Security, alongside the Harris County Police Department held drills and exercises in this subdivision between 2018 and 2020. FEMA had activity also in the neighborhoood which had been hit by a flood after hurricane Harvey.

Arson-2018-house burned nearly to the ground, I escaped fire but was unlawfully detained and assaulted by Harris County Police, EMS, Fire.


JOHN LANG VIDEO UPLOADED BEFORE MURDER: Thermal Imaging threat and intimidation by Fresno Law Enforcement.

Stalking continued as well as surveillance, break-ins, robberies, etc. All while subdivision HOA/ neighborhood watch contracted Harris County Police officer paroled neighborhood almost 24/7. It was as if someone was watching my every move since my arrival in Harris County, as in Anchorage Alaska, for even if I went to the store, a 10-15 minute trip, my house would be illegally entered. Uncountable times. Detailed information on the unaccountable crimes committed by these agencies after my trial.

On or about July 20th – July 29th, Officer Munoz of the Harris County Police department, stalked me daily, sitting in front of my house, refusing to leave, taunting me, harassing me, trespassing and refusing to leave as I backed into house saying to him, “you are trespassing, get off my property, I am in fear for my life”. Officer Munoz blocking my vehicle in my drive, etc. I posted no trespassing sign after his intimidation, stating that he specifically was not allowed to trespass on my property.

Officer Munoz arrived on or about 8:30 AM on the of July, to do a civil standby for the security supervisor of the subdivision for a forced mow of my grass. I had not mowed my grass for I lived in a 3400 SQ FT house with a 4 car garage, if I mowed the front lawn my house would be broken into, as the side door was out of my vision. I can understand this is hard to believe. I would have had to have been surrounded and under constant surveillance for this to occur. It did.

I clearly stated that this officer and the man mowing the lawn were trespassing and to immediately get off my property, they refused. I tried to spray them with a water hose to accomplish this, the stream of water unfortunately would not reach them. I then went to my kitchen window, as I opened the window I saw officer Munoz draw his weapon, I ducked to the left, grabbed a nail gun, and dashed across the window firing at the ground in front of officer Munoz.

Officer Munoz, who was trespassing on my lawn halfway from the street to my kitchen window when this occurred, and the lawn guy, who was at the street mowing the strip of lawn between the street and the side walk, at this time left. The lawn mower man put his lawnmower in the back of his truck and drove off, officer Munoz drove down to the next corner where he met with another officer contracted to the HOA in this subdivision. These officers left about 20 minutes later.

The Harris County Police department Raided my property approximately 36 hours after this incident, they stated they had a warrant for my arrest. I refused to open the door, told them the warrant was a criminal action taken by their corrupt department to cover up the actions of a criminal policeman. After about 40 minutes they managed to break down my front door, and unlawfully detain me.

I spent four months in the Harris County Jail, a friend from Alaska came to Texas and Bailed me out, I spent a month with him going through Court Actions, and encountered very little stalking activity at this time, upon his return to Alaska, I returned to my house, all tools, appliances, documents, identifications, etc, stolen. This was nothing that has not happened repeatedly since 2016. All new appliances also stolen. My truck and Jaguar were left undamaged at the property.

Upon my return the stalking immediately resumed, including officer Munoz who would flash his lights, etc as he drove by my house. I did not witness him trespassing, or sitting in front of my house at this time. Fearing for my safety I immediately contacted cash buyers for my property, I took a low cash offer to escape this continuing terrorism.

At this point I began staying in hotels, first in Harris County then Galveston, then back to Harris County. During this timeline I recorded the various horn honking noise harassment campaigns, as well as the full video of one of the incidents of the Harris County Fire Department stalking, which I have posted some of the videos on this site, you tube, vimeo, www.exposingtheothers.com, archive.org, etc. Below is a GIF created from the fireman stalking video.


Was staying at the Baymont Inn in Woodlands Texas, this is about 20 minutes from the Westador Subdivision where Harris County Police had been stalking me, sitting in front of house, blocking me in driveway, harassing me for close to 10 days straight. As all cellular, data and WI-FI connections are constantly hacked, I ran a search on my IP address location from the woodlands and searched the location. It showed up at the entrance of the Westador Subdivision where this stalking occurred.

Baymont inn 08/25/2020 when IP was being routed to Nanes Drive, just blocks from where the police stalking took place.

Below a copy of my traceroute taken from cell phone. www.whatsmyip.org/traceroute
These are the data stops that are made between point A (my cellphone,) and point B (whoever I call or text)
When you search the Ip addresses you will find very interesting links to who is running surveillance on the data on my phone. The Telia IP{ address have direct connections to homeland security, this agency has infiltrated all police departments in the USA and as I am awaiting trial after the Harris County Police were stalking me we find Homeland Security monitoring all data on my cell phone, including communications with lawyer and others regarding the criminal case I am now defending myself against.
This is part of a stalking campaign that began well before 2012 when the FBI was involved in a raid on my property which never resulted in criminal charges of any kind, yet I have been overtly stalked by federal agencies since that day with many witnesses to this terrorism directed at me which has spread though the United States as I have tried to flee from these criminals.


To be continued.



Beginning to link all videos to archive,org as you tube actively censors all content. This is why all the 9/11, sandy hook videos that point at Deep State Corruption have been removed from almost all social media platforms.

This is nothing more then destruction of evidence. If our nations intelligence agencies had nothing to hide, they would not implement such censorship on all of their corporate partner social sites.

Full video of Harris County Fire Stalking. I had video rolling as I was once again encountering 24/7 stalking activities by federal, state, and corporate agencies.

Gangstalking at the Beachcomber Inn in Galveston Texas.

Galveston Fire Department Gang Stalking:

Above:Galveston Fire Department, GangStalkers

Below, all accounts being hacked again as has happened for years, their are thousands and thousands of civilians being attacked by these terrorist agencies that report this repeatedly on all social media accounts until those accounts also are hacked.

//archive.org/details/img0521 Documents for court mailed. Almost all mail stolen since 2012, this escalated in 2016 where I did not receive one piece of mail for over one year as these terrorist attacks dramatically escalated. This was at a residence I had lived at for over eight years.

In the below video, I was being intimidated all night by a horn honking campaign. I was recording and commenting on this as this activity resumed at about 2:45 in video. Beachcomber Inn Galveston Texas.

This is a tactic used often in the targeting of individuals as it is plainly seen in online searches, I have linked to much of this content on youtube and I imagine we will see these page links to these videos show deleted accounts and videos as these terrorist agencies once again cover their snail like tracks. Below is a different and shorter video of more of this action at the Beachcomber Inn in Galveston.

Below we have another noise harassment campaign video. At this time I have left Galveston Texas and returned to Harris County.

Below: Fort Worth Texas at FBI Cointelpro victim Sarah Degeyter’s with witness Jason Foust, stalking harassment, police corruption, car tries to run me of road, more horn honking noise harassment.

The next video is of the neighbors that were harassing Sarah Degeyter 24/7. I went to see if I could offer her some assistance, as I took a walk down the main road I was surrounded by 8-12 of these neighbors whom I had never seen or spoken to before, wielding clubs, (Garden Tools) and acting aggressively they tried to en cite violence. I returned to Sarahs property and was calling police, these neighbors had already called the police who responded, focused on me and witness Jason Foust, did not want to see or hear recorded evidence of this encounter. They returned later at night to sit in front of RV park, interacting with these individuals. The harassment continued until we left the area in fear of aggressive behaviour by these individuals and the police corruption we have encountered in the past.

The below video is a continuation of this horn honking campaign, I am now residing in Texas City Texas. This is at the HEB store, I am accompanied by a fellow targeted individual from Argentina, she has also tried to escape this terrorism by fleeing from Country to Country. We are roommates and renting a room from another targeted civilian at a home she recently moved out of to be with a friend as she felt safer and is undergoing intense electronic warfare assaults.

I met these civilians at a Targeted Justice meeting where I have met many individuals targeted. It is one thing to go through this terrorism yourself, butu when you see what these agencies have done to innocent men women and children it is unthinkable. The evilness of this program and the actions of those involved can easily be compared to the Holocaust. This is the Holocaust, this is a fact. We have innocent civilians being tortured and killed worldwide and Deep State intelligence agencies, government officials, corporate agencies etc, taking part in these terrorist activities. These terrorist must one day be held accountable for their many crimes.

The cabal behind these attacks are the same terrorist organizations responsible for many of the planned active shootings, the 9/11 attacks, the 7/7 london Bombing, the 1998 WTC bombing, etc, etc. We know who they are. We know what crimes they have committed. All we are waiting for as we are being slaughtered is Justice.

Below we have a video of this continued campaign to honk horns. Pretty scary stuff, I imagine these geniuses will start using their windshield wipers against me next. This is your taxpayer money hard at work, with the total knowledge and support of most elected officials, law enforcement agencies, etc. I repeatedly email, every single US Senator, and have contacted countless authorities repeatedly, FBI actually came and met with me at my house soon after their stalking activities resumed in Houston and I called their agency to arrange a meeting, this was not the first call, nor will it be the last.

Horn Honking Car Alarms Continue, constant harassment as I endured in Anchorage Alaska, in Spring Texas where I was set up by Harris County Police, In Harris County hotel to hotel, after I sold my home for first cash offer to escape more harris county police stalking when bonded out from jail, then in Galveston Texas, then back to Harris county Texas. This now is constant in Texas City Texas. Police Sirens, Fire Sirens, Horn Honking, Car Alarms, with witnesses. 2402 33rd avenue Texas City Texas. These are neighbors three houses away, as the neighbors in Spring Texas and Anchorage Alaska also took part in this. In Anchorage I was told the FBI had consulted with neighbors before this began. After a person is watch-listed by the corrupt FISA courts, FEMA, homeland security, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, FISA COURTS, fusion center, neighborhood watch, citizen corps, freedom corps, infraguard, etc, take part in this well documented nazi, stasi, gangstalking program, that is reported by thousands of civilians across this nation. This watch list was formed under the guise of fighting terrorism, when it is actually used by these terrorist agencies to carry out crimes against civilians who have questioned the criminal actions of the state.




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