By Keith Lankford

FBI: COINTELPRO TERRORISM STILL ONGOING, stalking, assault, drugging, rape, murder.

COINTELPRO: This is a abbreviation of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program. It had its beginning in 1956 and allegedly ended in 1979. This FBI program ran a series of illegal and covert operations aimed at surveilling, discrediting, disrupting and infiltrating American Political Organizations.

It has been reported for many years that Americans are again being targeted for their affiliation to activist groups by this agency. I like many other Americans could never have imagined that activism in the The Tea Party or Global warming would bring them under the assault of an intelligence agency.

COINTELPRO targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive, these groups included feminist organizations, the communist party, Vietnam War activist, civil rights activist, the KKK as well as Black Power activist, environmentalist, animal rights activist, American Indian activist. Activism on any front the FBI did not see as helpful to their political agenda.



These were the Targeted Individuals and Targeted Activist of the past.

Even with the censorship of these crimes, we find Americans coming together nationwide with evidence of targeting by intelligence agencies. These programs led to the deaths of many Americans, yet seem to have slipped out of the memory of the populace who now question the reports that civilians are being assaulted, raped, drugged. Reports that modern high tech weapons are directed at them in some sort of evil “conspiracy’.

Direct energy weapons are not science fiction, though the pentagon warns of the use of these by foreign powers, the worlds strongest military would be naked without this technology.

The stalking, rape, assault, of Sarah Degeyter: FBI, Police, Homeland Security Involvement and cover-up


Activism in such issues as civil rights, 9/11, BLM, the tea party, geoengineering, global warming, the Tea Party can now direct the resources of the combined intelligence agencies to target a single individuals life and wreak havoc in any possible.

Reports of past crimes can not be argued, the MK Ultra program was fact not fiction. These crimes against humanity were brought to the attention of the public in Senate Hearings held in the Seventies.

The USA now leads the world in censorship, disinformation, as well as military might, though the near total control of mainstream media and the social media monopolies has not yet completely silenced and blocked those being terrorized by the US government.

Information and opinions, not approved by intelligence agencies are blocked, removed or accounts closed. Anyone is at risk if they state an opinion contrary to mainstream media outlets such as CNN or Fox News.

Millie Weaver arrested immediately prior to release of Shadowgate Documentary



Fred Hampton was one of COINTEL-PRO’s targets; he was one of the founders of the Black Panther’s Chicago chapter. Hampton was shot to death in his apartment, next to his pregnant girlfriend after an FBI informant drugged him as he slept. He was 21 years old. “If you take Fred Hampton, it was outright murder, it was murder,” said Imam Musa.

I have always been interested in American Politics, in the past this was not a crime. These interest seemed to have led to unwanted attention by federal agencies, this attention turned from constant surveillance to an outright assault on my rights to Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Lets take a look at the simple path ones data takes from point A (Users Cellphone,) to point B, (The recipient of this users cell phone communication.)

Here is my link, this traceroute taken on 05/31/2020:

We can trace each of these IP addresses, (DATA STOPS) to the company, corporation that it is sent to, often we find our data heading overseas, in what I suspect an effort to be to circumvent US laws that once were meant to prevent this intrusion into ones life and privacy. These data stops are very interesting, closely linked to Homeland Security.


With the ability to control data, infiltrate smart devices, individuals report that they are having evidence, documentation of the crimes being committed against them manipulated, destroyed, or altered. Identity theft, infiltration into financial accounts. Information taken from what should be an individuals private communication, then used in any way possible to further destroy the targets life.


Americans are once again victims of crimes that can only be compared to those of the NAZI Party. The passing of the Patriot ACT led to the loss of individual freedoms, we at the same time saw the creation of Homeland Security, who working alongside the FISA courts, the FBI, NSA, DOJ, once again are found to be actively disrupting the political process, taking action even to interfere in presidential elections.

It is not a question of if these actions are being taken in the USA, it is a question of when these actions will be taken seriously. When will these agencies that operate with no accountability be held accountable for the crimes against our nation, the crimes committed against the individuals whose lives have been destroyed by criminal elements that operate openly in the shadows of our society.

World War II Pictures In Details: Nuremberg Defendants …



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