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U.S. Government Harassment September 2. 2010 FBI Director Robert S. Mueller As seen in the Wikileaks and Steven Hatfill cases, to name but two of a large number of incidents, where the U.S. government, criminally broke domestic and international law, in unduly harassing, terrorizing, abusing and attempting to literally destroy people, the FBI, CIA and Pentagon are willing to stoop to unprecedented lows to “neutralize” individuals.

The government’s conduct never really changed over the years, from the time of Civil Rights movement. Each surveillance program just bears a new name, with old tactics, to cover illegal, covert activity, being waged against innocent people. 

As technology progresses, so does the intrusive level of government spying. With the progression of time, there has also been a significant deterioration in common sense and decency at a government level. The government spying on innocent people for political and social reasons, is unconstitutional, unseemly and unbecoming.

To preach “Liberty and justice for all” and tout the Constitution at every turn in the world, then so viciously and abominably violate it against Americans and international citizens, is bald-face hypocrisy. It tells the nation and the world the government doesn’t stand for squat – only what is expedient to a particular administration or federal agency. 

The government’s conduct in trampling the rights of the poor and middle class, summarily spying on anyone they feel like, whilst arrogantly officiating the illegal redistribution of wealth in the corporate sector, giving impunity to criminals stealing from others, in acting out of  self-interest, has permanently damaged America. Hence two administrations in a row being unable to stem the ongoing financial depression. 

  Government corruption has destroyed America, via the destructive and haughty behavior of the Bush Administration, which is being carried on by the current President. One would think such a terrible wake up call, via an unprecedented financial crisis, would be a catalyst for change within the government, but they have refused to desist the corrupt conduct. 


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