ETK Introduction: In this video ex-private security industry employee Bryan Kofron (aka Justin Carter) blows the whistle on the nation-wide organized gang stalking program. (“The Program,” however, is certainly global). Kofron, a former “perp” himself, aptly explains the psychology of the perpetrator community. He also notes, based on his experience, that the citizens of Seattle, Washington, Aurora, Colorado (which has an unusually large percentage of military and intelligence personnel) and numerous other cities, particularly cities near Air Force and Navy military bases, are targeted en mass.

He identifies the following “Private Security” contracting companies as being deeply involved in “the Program:” Amazon, Blackwater, Academi, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, G4S, Dyncorp Security-Protection, Security Industries Specialists, Inc. (SIS), Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Infragard, and Lockheed Martin.

It should be noted that individuals within the “TI” community have voiced skepticism regarding Kofron’s credibility. However, much of the information presented in these youtubes SEEMS to be credible.

To try to clarify this situation, I quote “TIs” (Targeted Individuals) below regarding Bryan Kofron: Read More: //






Ragebooter: DDoS attacks sponsored by the FBI?

Malicious sites that offer attack services are not strangers on the Internet, but web sites sponsored by law enforcement is another story altogether. Introducing : Ragebooter

Site called allows users to pay for removal of sites from the network, using DDoS attack. Unlike other existing sites that offer similar services, the Ragebooter have particularly interesting back door leading directly to the FBI.

Recently more and more questionable sites begun to appear that offer a service called DDoS-for-hire. That is, for a certain fee, users can select the site they do not like and removed it from the network, even if for a short time. The service offered by Ragebooter is a DNS Reflection Attack – attack flooding the sites with huge quantities of information, until they completely collapse.
Investigation shows the site operator is a guy named Justin Folland located in Memphis Tennessee. The service seems legit, since this is a public service, using public connection that turn to other public servers and use the information that is available to anyone who wants it, when the surface is testing of website servers, which is not contrary to the law.
Folland does not publish the site or service offered, and of course does not encourage illegal activity. How individual users choose to utilize the information is at their own risk, and if the sites do not wish to use the information in question against them, all they have to do is to turn ON the option of Disabling Recursive DNS in their servers.

The most interesting piece of information is a back door leading directly to the FBI.
It seems that the Federal Investigation Bureau uses the site to monitor the activity of users on the network, and that added to the site IP Logger that keeps the IP addresses of all users coming to the site. Bottom line, it is not clear if it is a guy who works with the Bureau, or hacker with megalomania that had not yet been removed from the network – but what is certain is that the service is alive and kicking.

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Organization of Victims Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons
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The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment 





European Coalition Against Covert Harassment


ADVHER – Association de Dèfense des Victimes de Harcèlement Electromagnètique et en Réseau (Association Defending Electromagnetic and Organized Stalking Victims)


Betroffenengruppe für TIs in Deutschland
For TI’s in Germany and other German-speaking countries, including Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy
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Initiative gegen elektromagnetische Folter
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On Target


International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

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International Resistance Movement Against Electronic Torture and Organized Stalking


Associazione contro ogni forma di controllo ed interferenza mentale e neurofisiologica
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Technology Crime Victims’ Network
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Malaysia Techno Crime and Mind Harassment Victim
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Acoso Organizado y Electrónico
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Controle Físico da Mente
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Society for Brain Integrity in Sweden

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Covert Harassment UK
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