Sandy Hook Shooting II

Sandy Hook fire chief: William Halstead: With almost 48 years on the department, 34 as fire chief, Halstead never could have imagined the devastation in their small town of Newtown, he said. Halstead was off work on Friday morning but at the fire station when they received a 911 call of a shooting incident at the elementary school. Immediately adjacent to the fire station property, Halstead and four firefighters — including his daughter, Karin Halstead, EMS captain — responded in the rescue unit.He had family inside the school; his former wife with the school nurse hid in a closet when the shooting started but survived.

Halstead also states in the interview that he knew of two injured adults, the wounds he describes are far from life threatening, We do know that the woman in video on page one, (she had a broken foot) she was the only survivor, we also no that the hospital only received three victims total. Add this to the teen neighbor in the video on page one and we now have five injured people of which three made it to the hospital.

Halstead said that of the five members on the initial rescue squad response, one firefighter had a child in the school. While setting up command, Halstead’s daughter spotted the firefighter’s son and reported he was all right. Another firefighter, responding on another vehicle, also had a child in the school who was safe. In addition, his wife had been visiting the school but was able to hide behind a dumpster during the shooting.

I drew the attention of Federal and State agencies as I became the 9/11 grass-roots organizer for Alaska in 2002. As we look at the history of the CIA’S abuse on civilians that pursue such course, this is self-evident.

My Targeting escalated in 2012. This is when the 24/7 stalking began, the infiltration of all online accounts had began prior to this as I told many witnesses. As I was researching the Sandy Hook School Shooting, I was posting information on my website, MY FAVORITE MASON. This website is now on, yet I have embedded it and it can be seen in the pop down Links Tab.

I was interested in this event as I had noticed a lot of oddities in many of these post 9/11 events. As I researched this I found that FEMA held a drill (EXERCISE) at Sandy Hook School one year prior to this shooting, they also held a drill on the day of the shooting twenty minutes away from this event. I copied and pasted these facts in my website as links to my research.

I then found that the First Responder to this shooting incident, (William Halstead,) had an extensive history in Emergency Management, and with Homeland Security as well. BILL HALSTEAD PROFILE LINK:

Bill Halstead, MPA, CEM’s Summary

• Thirteen years experience in public safety including Emergency Management, Public Health Homeland Security, Emergency Communications, Fire & Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement.
• More than ten years experience in emergency planning for all aspects of public safety.
• Strong project management skills, experienced in oversight of multiple simultaneous projects in a deadline-driven environment.
• Highly skilled in policy analysis, program evaluation, strategic briefings, and policy directives.
• Practiced in presentation development and delivery, including training programs.
• Grant writing / grants management experience, including programmatic and financial oversight, over one year at the state SAA level.
• Significant team-building experience in public and private sector environments, working with the public, professionals and executive level management to achieve a common outcome.
• Substantial supervisory experience in both government and volunteer agencies.


Emergency Planning, Grants Management, Emergency Management, Presentation Development, Group Facilitation & Development, Budget Analysis, Emergency Response, Project Management, Supervisory Role, Healthcare Emergency Management

William Halsteads daughter: FIRST RESPONDER Karin Halstead


Husband Michael Burton. (Was also joined by son Michael JR.)

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