Targeted Justice Flyers

Many Houston news agencies released reports about drug laced Flyers after Targeted Justice distributed flyers telling of the FBI, Homeland Security, Police corruption that is taking place Nationwide.

In an apparent effort to keep agents that have little knowledge about the criminal activities being engaged in by members of their on departments it was stated in these press releases to not touch the Flyers for fear they might be laced with the drug Fentanyl.


KPRC reports the sergeant took the flyer off her vehicle and headed home but felt ill while she was en route. The sergeant drove herself to the hospital where she was treated and released within a few hours.


The statement that it was a sergeant that was hospitalized was probably a misprint as Sergeant Ed Gonzales is shown to have stated this was actually a deputy in a post by the Washington post.


The flyers have a logo with the website Targeted Justice



“Only one department employee is reported to have touched it. In a tweet, the agency is asking if anyone sees the flyers to not touch them. “

Here is the reported crime scene

KPRC goes on to report that the Agency TWEETED its employees not to touch Flyers if anyone saw them.
This is a odd way of sending messages to individuals working within the police force when radio contact is readily available.

The flyer starts with the message that reads: The FBI is lying to you. The flyer goes on to talk about the FBI watch list and how people are being tortured with “microwaves and gangstalking.” 

Another side of the flyer shows you how to detect the microwave being used to track people. 

Only one department employee is reported to have touched it. In a tweet, the agency is asking if anyone sees the flyers to not touch them.

More reports at the Washington post.


Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says the sergeant on Tuesday picked up the paper flyer laced with an opioid painkiller known to be more powerful than heroin. He says the flyer was one of several placed on nearly a dozen sheriff’s office vehicles in Houston.

Gonzalez says the deputy noticed her symptoms quickly but fentanyl can be deadly.
This story made Nationwide news through many Corporate ran news agencies, as many have became aware of the Fake News continually released by these media sights it is obvious this is a attempt to discredit The Targeted Justice Group as well as to keep the knowledge of these criminal programs from as many unknowing agents as possible.

The one point that is made clear by the many press releases of these flyers is the effectiveness of such action as there is a fear within all agencies involved of their criminal activities coming to light.

The crimes committed in the programs being ran by these agencies and organizations are criminal could lead to the prosecution of all involved for many serious crimes including the murder of innocent civilians that have fell victim to this state funded terrorism.

The other point made clear is the need by activist to record all activities when attempting to hold the criminal elements of the many State, Federal and Corporate responsible for their actions. As Targeted Civilians we are facing the most corrupt elements in the law enforcement community that will try to set up and frame individuals involved in spreading awareness of these programs.

Harris County Police is a organization that’s has shown in the recent past willingness within its system to formulate crimes and persecute if not murder individuals in the line of “duty”.

I myself have fell victim to their criminal tactics and have been set up by the Harris County Police department after a officer A Munoz repeatedly Stalked, Harassed, Trespassed and evening blocked me into my own driveway. I endured this for ten days straight before he returned and trespassed again leading to a situation in which I was charged with aggravated assault.
After the fabricated incident the officer left my resident yet the Harris County Police returned in force 36 hours later, raided my residence and arrested me. The charges were fabricated and the statements made by this officer were false, yet I am awaiting trial on Felony charges.


Links below to other sources of article on flyers that were handed out by Targeted Justice.






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