Galveston Gang stalking

The stalking continues after being set up by Harris County Police who were running exercises with Homeland Security in my Subdivision. Set up and jailed after Officer Munoz repeatedly trespassed, stalked, harassed, sat in front of house, blocked me in driveway, before returning to my home after close to 10 days of this activity to trespass again even though there was a No Trespassing sign stating that he specifically was to never enter onto property again for he was acting in a criminal capacity.

Released from Harris County jail after Officer Munoz made false statements about the incident on or about 07/29/2019, on 07/30/2019 the Harris County police raided my residence and jailed me. Bailed out four months later only to return to further stalking at my residence. Officer Munoz Flashing lights as he continually drove by residence. Stalking activities by he and others day and noght. Forced to flea once again for my on safety I sold my residence for a fraction of its worth for a cash offer.

This began my journey now staying at hotels, stalked at every place I stayed. I began in Houston a one week stay at one hotel, two weeks at the next. I then moved on to Galveston Texas hoping to escape this terrorism. The video below is at the Beachcomber INN where I endured two weeks of intense stalking activity, I at this point am recording at any time I leave the hotel, and start recording when horn honking Campaigns start, etc. I am not bothering with the constant 2-6 horn honks or the constant car alarms for they could be disputed. There is no disputing the videos of the 30-40 horn honks at a time. These incidents occurred over a two day time frame and amounted to 300-400 horn honks in two days. The first video of Gang Stalker checking to see if I was OK while smoking cigarette.

The next two videos will show the audio recorded at the Beach Comber Inn.

I now leave Galveston after a two week stay and arrive back in Houston. I stayed at the Camelot Inn IH 10 at this time, although not a 3-4 star hotel it was located with only on entrance and exit which somewhat de-escalated the stalking activities. I was fortunate to meet another Targeted American at a Targeted Justice meeting during this stay and was offered a room to rent in Texas City. Below is a Video with audio recorded during this stay. Although there was much less activity the stalking of course continued daily as it has since before 2012 when my house in Alaska was raided by 35-40 federal and state agents. I was never charged with a crime.

The Below video was taken as I visited a HEB located off close to the Camelot Inn on IH 10. As I was backing out of my spot to head the other direction I saw Harris County Fire pull up to the store, As I had camera recording I knew what was to come. This is a constant event that has happened uncountable times over the years, also at or near every hotel I had stayed at after unlawful imprisonment.

At the time of the Federal and State raid on my residence in Alaska that I eventually sold for a fraction of its worth to escape a unbelievable Stalking Campaign by Police, Fire, EMS, National Neighbourhood Watch, etc I had a website that was quickly gaining in popularity.

Link to Archived Website MyFavoritMason.Com

As all internet accounts, connections and websites were infiltrated and manipulated prior to this raid I believe this to be the reason for the raid and another escalation to the constant stalking and abuse by Federal and State agencies I have endured for years. This was in 2012, I feel the covert surveillence and stalking activity started years before as a result of my activities relating to the 9/11 attacks and my being the 9/11 grass-roots organizer in Alaska 2002 till present.

Mail theft call to UAPS

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