Targeting of Civilians

It has come to our attention that a resident of this subdivision is being targeted by individuals operating in a criminal capacity.

We are working with various organizations to put a stop to these crimes being committed against civilians in our nation. Most people know stalking is a crime. This occurs when a person is stalked by another person., however, there is a growing criminal activity called group or gang-stalking where teams of people stalk and harass a single individual.

The term Gang-Stalking or Organized Stalking refers to intense, long term surveillance of a civilian. There is much documentation that is available online. Links are given at the bottom of this flyer.

These covert operations are in our opinion ran by the Fusion Centers in each state, and many police departments are involved worldwide. The other intelligence agencies that take part in these activities include: The FBI, NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, Infraguard, Citizen Corps,National Neighbourhood Watch. In 2002 the NSA in partnership with USA Freedom Corps, Citizen Corps and the U.S. Department of Justice launched USAonWatch, the face of the revitalized Neighbourhood Watch initiative. Please reference NNW.ORG BJA.OJP.GOV

These Programs are funded by the CIA with the intention to silence or neutralize a person, who is often a journalists, political activist or a government or corporate whistle-blower. The crimes reported by civilians include, stalking, break-ins, theft, slander, assault, I.D. theft cybercrime, vandalism, noise harassment, rape, falsified police reports, unlawful incarceration, vehicular assaults, etc. One of the many crimes that are being reported worldwide is assault by electronic warfare technology that we have seen used in the Iraqi and Syrian conflicts, in crowd control weapons, and recently used on U.S, diplomats in CUBA.

If you or someone you know is experiencing this type of crime please call PACTS International at: 1-888-639-5559

If you or someone you know are witness to this type of crime please document all criminal activities witnessed and email documentation to:

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